Hair Growth

You Can Be Natural With Virgin Hair Fertilizer

Long hair is caught after by almost every woman. There are so many things that you can do with long hair. You can wear it long and luscious, braid it, put it in an elaborate updo or curl it. The styling options for long hair are virtually limitless. There is one problem, though – hair only grows by about six inches every year. This means that to get a decent length, you’d have to wait several years for your hair to grow. That’s quite unfortunate, especially if you have very short hair.

Luckily, there are ways to make your hair grow faster naturally. For example, Livestrong recommends massaging your scalp regularly to stimulate blood flow, and adding cedar wood, thyme, rosemary or lavender oil to your shampoo. These techniques may or may not give you visible results, but there are other more potent ways of growing hair and achieving length. A type of product called virgin hair fertilizer has seen a lot of interest over the past few years. Apparently, people are getting much better results and seeing noticeable increase in length when they use this type of products, and that’s why decided to take a look at how these products work, what they contain and which ones are the best.

Virgin Hair Fertilizers

virgin remy hair weaveA virgin hair fertilizer usually comes in cream form and is applied to the hair. The cream has a greasy texture and contains several ingredients, including menthol and other compounds that help to stimulate blood flow to the scalp. Since blood flow plays an important role in hair growth, by stimulating blood circulation in this area, the product promises to help the user experience faster hair growth rate. Not all virgin hair fertilizers are based on a greasy moisturizer, however. Some of these products are available as an oily substance or a serum. Even though the textures of the products may differ, they often contain similar ingredients, and have a similar function – which is to stimulate the circulation of blood in the head area so that hair can grow faster.

Virgin hair fertilizers are easy to use, and there are no special instructions to follow when you use them. A small amount of the substance, whether it is a grease or oil-based product, should be applied directly to the user’s scalps. After that, the user should massage the product into the hair roots. It is important to nite that simply applying the product and stopping there will not work effectively, because the virgin hair moisturizer needs to be massaged into the scalp to properly stimulate blood flow in the area and achieve the desired result. This process should be repeated every day for optimum results.

Estimating the exact result you should expect to see is not that easy. If you take a look at customer reviews on the product pages of Virgin Hair Fertilizer, you will see that most reviews are positive, although some people complain about not seeing their desired growth. The hair gains won’t come without sacrifice, however; most people also complain about the product’s smell.


Hair grows very slowly, and requires a lot of patience and care to grow healthy and strong while reaching desired lengths. There are many methods of stimulating hair growth, but their efficacy is not proven. One of the better methods of speeding up hair growth rate is virgin hair fertilizer, which act to increase circulation in the scalp and yields positive results according to users’ reviews. it is important to remember that the results of this type of product vary from one person to the other.