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Will A 3-Piece Bundle Be Sufficient To Achieve A Full Sew In?

Hair bundles have become very popular amongst people who wear weaves. They offer excellent value for the buyer’s money and includes almost everything that is needed for a full sew in. One problem, though, is the fact that people are often uncertain about the number of bundles they require for a full sew in. When a person contacts their hairstylist for more information about the number of bundles, they offer get a vague answer because this varies from one person to another. While one person can get away with only two bundles, another person would need to use four bundles and even a closure to achieve the look they desire. In this post, we hope to help you better understand how to
determine the number of bundles you personally require.


Factors To Consider

There are numerous factors that you should always consider when you are trying to determine how many bundles of hair you will need for a full sew in. One of the most important factors is the length you wish to achieve. The longer the hair, the more you will need. Since hair is naturally finer at its tips, it may not look natural if you decide to only install two 18-inch hair bundles. In such a case, you will need to opt for about three or four bundles to create a full and natural look.

deep wave bundles

Apart from the length you wish to achieve, you should also consider the texture of your natural hair and the texture of the hair you wish to install. Always consider the thickness of the hair as well as the style. For example, Mayvenn Hair explains that you will not need as many hair bundles when installing curly hair as you would when installing straight hair. This is because curly hair tends to be thicker and fuller than straight hair. They explain that most people are able to achieve a full sew in with only two bundles of curly hair, while many people need to use as much as four bundles when they install straight hair.

There are other factors that should also be considered. One important aspect is the size of your head. A person with a head that is bigger than the average size of 22.5 will need more bundles to cover their entire head. On the other hand, a person with a head that is smaller than the average size will most likely require fewer bundles to cover their entire head.

Furthermore, using a frontal or closure can also reduce the number of bundles that is required for a full sew in. A frontal or closure often takes up a considerable amount of space and can also cover a large section of the head, which means by utilizing such an accessory, the need for additional bundles can also be voided. This is also why you will see many companies sell bundles that include about three weave pieces, as well as an additional closure. When you use this combination, there will most likely not be a need for installing a forth hair bundle as the closure will help to complete the “fullness” you want to achieve.

loose wave bundle w/closure


Determining the number of hair bundles you require for a full sew in is important. This will help you buy an adequate number of bundles right from the start – and will avoid disappointment while installing the hair. Most people are able to achieve a good look with three hair bundles, but other people require four or two bundles. Use the tips we’ve shared here to better determine how many you will need.