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The Life Expectancy Of Weave Hair

A weave can be worn for numerous reasons. Some women simply prefer a weave due to the instant addition of both length and volume. Some women prefer weaves due to the fact that it can help to protect their natural hair against exposure to the heat from styling tools like a flat iron and curler, as well as protect their natural hair against styling products, such as gels, mousse and hairsprays. There are also women who wear weaves to hide the fact that their hair is thinning. No matter the reason why you are wearing a weave, every person who has ever considered a weave has wondered how long such an accessory would last them. Since weave hair can cost hundreds of dollars, it is a vital question that people need to know before making an investment.

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is often very vague. There are some factors that need to be considered when answering this question and, in the end, the way the weave is taken care of also has a big impact on the lifespan of the weave. Let’s discuss the different factors that a person needs to consider when determining approximately how long they can expect their weave to last.

Factors That Affects A Weave’s Lifespan

The way a person cares for a weave has the biggest impact on how long it lasts. Taking proper care by frequently shampooing and applying a quality conditioner to the hair is important. A leave-in conditioner should also be applied to hair now-and-then, as well as a good quality oil that is safe to use on weave hair. On the other hand, using products on the weave too frequently can have a negative impact on the weave hair; thus it is also important to consider appropriate intervals for shampooing, conditioning and for applying other products like oils and leave-in conditioners. By taking proper care of a weave, the lifespan of the weave can be expended significantly.

Sew In Hair ExtensionsAnother factor that has a considerable impact on how long a weave will last is the quality of the hair that is used for the weave. Synthetic weaves usually last for a couple of weeks, with an average lifespan of four weeks. Some people are able to wear synthetic weaves for as long as seven or eight weeks, but the weaves generally become unmanageable and do not look as good when worn for this amount of time. If you are able to buy real virgin human hair, then the lifespan of your weave will be much longer than synthetic hair. Depending on the quality of the virgin human hair, the weave may last for around four to twelve months. Some people find that premium weaves can last for longer than a year, but this requires proper care.

Even though a weave may last for longer than four months, it is important to note that, even though the weave may be protecting your natural hair, leaving it in for too long at a time can be harmful to your natural hair. Black Hair Media recommends leaving weave hair in for around six to eight weeks if you have wavy or straight hair. If you have curly hair, you can leave hair in for longer at a time, but you should not exceed for months. Once removed, you should allow a few weeks gap before installing them again.


The question “how long does a weave last” is often hard to answer. The longevity of a weave is determined by numerous contributing factors, such as the quality of the hair and the type of hair that the weave is made of. Whether a user takes proper care of the weave, however, might be one of the biggest contributing factors to determining how long a weave could last.