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The Different Types Of Curly Weave Hair You Can Buy

A large number of women enjoy wearing weaves that feature curly hair. Curly hair has numerous benefits over the other types of hair, such as straight and wavy, primarily because they instantly add a lot of volume to your natural hair – which is something a lot of women wants. More volume means you instantly get access to a wider variety of hairstyles. Unfortunately, buying curly weave hair isn’t as simple as it might seem. Once you start looking for curly weave hair onlidne, you will be presented with numerous options to choose from – and these options can sometimes be daunting and make a person worry about choosing the wrong options. In this post, we’ll discuss the different types of curly weave hair to help you make a more informed decision while shopping for this type of weave.

Hair Origin

The first option you will see when you want to buy curly weave hair is the hair’s origin. Some companies might also refer to this option as the hair’s texture or the hair style. This basically refers to the type of hair you are buying – in other words, from what race it was collected. Latest Hairstyles explains that choosing the right type of hair is vital if you want to achieve a natural look and completely hide the fact that you are wearing extensions. The most common options that you might find while browsing for curly weave hair might include:

  • Indian Hair – this is one of the most popular types of hair and often costs much less than other types of hair. Indian hair has a unique texture and the hair is generally very thick. Indian hair’s curls are also usually very tight. The hair is also easy to maintain and lasts long if it is properly taken care of.
  • Brazilian Hair – this type of hair is also very popular and is also affordable. Brazilian hair best suits the natural hair of African American women. Brazilian hair is thick. This type of hair is most commonly available in a wavy style, but some companies do offer Brazilian hair in a curly style.

brazilian hair

  • Peruvian Hair – this hair type is quite flexible and is often used by African American women. The hair is not too thick and is sometimes also used by individuals with Caucasian hair that is coarse. One of the most beneficial features about Peruvian hair is the fact that it looks luxurious and it is very lightweight.

peruvian hair

Other options might include Malaysian and Eurasian, but they are not as popular as the three we mentioned above.

Hair Color

Apart from the hair origin, you will also need to decide on a hair color you would like to buy. The most popular option is black, but it is important to note that a jet black color is unnatural – if one of your options include jet black, then it might mean that the hair has been chemically processed. An off-black color, however, is usually natural. Some companies will also charge extra if you want a weave that is not black – for example, Mayvenn Hair adds $14 to an order if the customer wants to buy a blonde weave. Buying a lighter color means you will be able to dye the hair to match your natural hair’s color easier and will not have to treat the hair with bleach prior to dying.


Shopping for curly hair might seem simple at first, but once you get started, the different choices can be overwhelming. Use the guidelines we’ve outlined in this post to determine which options would suit your natural hair best and how to get the best value for your money.