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The Best Virgin Hair Companies To Buy From

Finding one supplier amongst all the virgin hair companies that have been launched in the past few years are difficult. The more choices that become available, the harder it is to find a company that is right for you. The fact that many companies are falsely promoting “real virgin hair” also makes it a scary process as you never know if you are going to become a victim of the next internet scam. Fortunately, platforms have been developed that allows people to share their opinions and reviews about companies; thus making it easier for anyone to purchase hair on the internet with confidence.
We have taken a look at a number of different virgin hair companies and considered how past customers feel about their products. We also considered the price, quality and longevity of their products, and came up with a list that will help you find the more trustworthy sources – and, of course, avoid the scams.


#1. Mayvenn Hair

mayvenn logoBy looking at reviews from different sources, it is clear that Mayvenn Hair is the most preferred choice when it comes to buying hair on the internet. This brand works hard to create a positive vibe and to deliver real value to their clients, and it seems like their efforts are indeed paying off. The brand has gained an A+ rating on BBB and they have positive reviews on many review platforms, including Glassdoor. The company also has a range of positive reviews on their website from past customers, as well as a range of pictures that provides a “before and after” look.


#2. Her Imports

her import logoWhile Her Imports may not be as popular as Mayvenn Hair, they also have a good reputation amongst their existing customers and they do offer quite a large range of products. Many positive reviews can also be seen for Her Imports and it seems like the company offers high-quality extensions and weave hair at affordable prices. The brand’s website also displays numerous reviews from past customers, as well as a “before and after” section.

#3. Diamond Virgin Hair

Diamond Virgin Hair lies in between affordability and quality. While their products are not of the same quality as the other two options, the company do have an extensive range of styles and textures to choose from. Many customers also seem happy with their products, especially at the lower prices they charge for their products.


#4. AliExpress

AliExpress is an online marketplace where many suppliers sell hair extensions, weave hair and similar products. While the platform is known to be home to many scam artists, there are a couple of sellers that have a trustworthy record. This platform is also perfect for any person that has a very small budget as the hair extensions offered by sellers on AliExpress are usually much cheaper than those offered by famous brands like Mayvenn Hair and Her Imports. The variety of products available on this platform is also quite extensive, which means any person would be able to find a product that meets their needs on AliExpress. The key here is finding sellers with real positive reviews.


Too many companies have launched their own line of virgin hair extensions and weaves; thus making it harder for the average consumer to determine which one is trustworthy and more prone to being caught in a scam. The virgin hair companies we’ve discussed in this post have all been deemed as mostly trustworthy, but utilizing platforms like Yelp that allows customers to post reviews about different companies are also useful for detecting scams and identifying the companies that do offer quality virgin hair.