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The Advantages Of Buying Peruvian Hair Bundles

There are quite a large variety of products available for people who are looking to buy weaves, as well as hair extensions, online. One popular type of hair that has become a fan favorite is Peruvian hair, especially the bundled hair extensions that offers more value for the buyer’s money. Peruvian hair has a range of characteristics that makes it stand out from other types of hair. This type of hair is usually affordable and, if the buyer gets their hands on a high-quality set of Peruvian hair, the hair will last for a considerable amount of time. This makes Peruvian hair bundles extremely valuable and useful to any person who is looking to purchase weave hair or hair extensions.


Characteristics of Peruvian Hair

To identify a quality set of Peruvian hair, you should first educate yourself about the characteristics of this hair type. This will help you detect the quality and originality of hair that you purchase. Firstly, for best results, Unice recommends opting for 100% natural hair that has not been previously processed with any kind of chemicals. They also recommend avoiding hair that has been steam processed to hold a certain style. By opting for 100% natural hair, you get hair that is intact and all cuticles will point in a similar direction. Kabeilu explains that Peruvian hair is soft and silky, and these extensions don’t shed as much as other types of hair. They also explain that Peruvian hair is easier to maintain and can be cleansed, as well as treated, similar to how you treat your natural hair.


The Benefits Of Buying Peruvian Hair Bundles

peruvian weaveEven though Peruvian hair is often thought of as an affordable choice among people who wear weaves, buying unprocessed 100% natural Peruvian hair can still take cause a person to reach deeply into their wallets. For example, Mayvenn Hair, one of the most popular brands of hair extensions and weave hair, charges $5 extra when a client wants to change the origin of the hair that is used to manufacture their product from Malaysian to Peruvian.

For this reason, looking for ways to pay a lower price when it comes to buying this type of hair is often an important task that a person has to do if they want to buy Peruvian hair. While searching for “cheap” suppliers is one option, is it usually not recommended as many of the suppliers on sites that offer “cheap” hair processes Indian and Chinese hair and then promotes the hair as “Peruvian”. Another excellent option which many people choose to opt for is Peruvian hair bundles. These “bundles” include numerous sets of hair extensions in one bundle, and the bundle usually comes at a much lower price than the customer would have paid if they opted for the different sets of hair that is included separately.

As an example, at Her Imports, which is another popular brand, you can buy a premium hair bundle at $175. This includes a 12-inch and a 14-inch premium hair piece. Buying them separately, however, would cost you over $200 as a 12-inch premium hair piece is priced at $104.50 and a 14-inch premium hair piece is priced at $110, calculating to a total of $214.50. This means, buy rather opting for Peruvian Hair Bundles, you can save almost $45 – sometimes even more.  


Peruvian hair is one of the most popular choices when it comes to choosing a particular hair origin. This type of hair has a silky appearance, is easy to maintain and is usually available at a relatively low price. When buying Peruvian hair, we recommend taking a look at Peruvian hair bundles, which offers multiple sets of hair extensions at a more affordable price. Some companies would also allow you to customize your options when buying a bundle; thus adding more flexibility to the hair your purchase and to the results you can achieve.