How Wholesalers Can Utilize Mayvenn Hair To Get The Best Deal On Hair

hair bundlesBuying weaves, closures and other hair pieces from wholesale distributors often means your business has to settle for low quality weaves. When you visit a wholesale platform, such as Alibaba, you will often notice that the companies that offer such a service does not have the best quality of hair available on the internet. This is why they discount their hair to such low prices. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses tend to fall for these “discounted prices” and end up buying a batch of worthless weaves that almost no person would be interested in. When they do find customers who are interested in buying these weaves, the customers often comes back soon after they have installed the weave (or even before the installation) due to shedding and other problems that arise.

Searching for companies that can offer your business higher quality hair, while still enabling your business to make a profit is essential if you wish to be successful in the weave industry and especially if you want to compete with the other local business in your area that are selling weaves and related items. When searching for such a supplier, Mayvenn Hair should definitely be on the list of companies you consider buying from in wholesale. This brand is popular and is trusted by thousands of customers. Their products are not only purchased and used by customers, but also by some top hair stylists.

Mayvenn Hair Wholesale

mayvenn hairWhen buying from Mayvenn Hair for wholesale purposes or for the purpose of supplying your customers with high-quality weaves, frontals and closures, you have two different options to choose from. The option you choose would essentially depend on the type of store you own. Let’s take a look at each of these options that you are provided with, and what type of store they would most appropriately work with.

The first option is, as the title of our article suggests, to buy from Mayvenn Hair in bulk and then sell the products to your customers in a store that specializes in weaves. This is not the most common way for businesses to buy from Mayvenn Hair, but is still a good idea if you would like to have an inventory of weaves on hand. You will be able to supply your customers with the weave of their choice instantly without having them wait for a delivery.

The other option is to join Mayvenn’s stylist program. This particular option is most suitable for hair stylists that either offers private styling services or for those who own a salon. With this option, you can sign up to become a member of Mayvenn Hair’s stylist program. Once you have signed up, which does not cost the stylist any money, you get a special store link where customers can buy their weaves from. You can then start to refer your customers to your own store’s link, where they can purchase the weaves they would like you to install. After they have placed an order and their weave has arrived, they can take the weave to you for the installation. You will also receive special offers, as well as commission, on every sale made through your Mayvenn Hair store.


Owning a local business that sells weaves mean you have to compete with many other similar companies in your area. This also means that you have to get the best quality hair at the lowest prices possible to ensure your products are the best in the local area, but also some of the more affordable ones. By turning toward Mayvenn Hair, you can find high-quality, real human hair weaves, closures and frontals, without having to pay hundreds of dollars for a single bundle of hair.