Why Mayvenn Is Fit For Queens!

Mayvenn Hair Extensions LogoMayvenn Hair is a weave and hair extensions company that has gained a lot of attention in the press lately. The company has sparked so much attention in the press that Andreessen Horowitz has invested a total of $10 million in the Mayvenn Hair brand. The company sells all kinds of weaves, ranging from straight to curly and deep wave. Their products are reasonably priced, and they even go to the extent of helping the customer choose the perfect weave for themselves by providing a “shop by look” section that shows the customer how each hair piece can be styled and how it can complement their own sense of style.

Even though the company has attracted a lot of interest, and is a preferred choice for many weave wearers, it seems like not everyone is as impressed with the products manufactured by Mayvenn Hair. We decided to take a look at the products sold by Maven Hair, what they offer and what customers really think about the hair they purchased from this company.


Mayvenn Is Our August 2017 #1 Recommended Virgin Hair Company

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The Mayvenn Promise

Mayvenn hair is very proud of the products they manufacture, and they claim that every customer will be happy with the silkiness and quality of the hair sets they produce. The company makes five promises on their website:

  • To provide high-quality products that will not disappoint the customer.
  • To provide weave lovers with 100% virgin hair at an affordable price.
  • To provide the best level of customer service in the hair and weave industry.
  • To provide the customer with a trustworthy service that comes with fast, secure and trackable shipping options.
  • Finally, to respect their customers and to offer true value to their clients – whether the client is a regular consumer, a celebrity or a hair stylist.

Every purchase that is made from Mayvenn Hair comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. The company provides this guarantee to make sure customers are satisfied with their purchase.Is not, they will give the customer an exchange or a refund. The company states that the customer may wear their weave, style it and even dye it. If they do not like the weave, then they have a total of 30 days after making the purchase to contact Mayvenn Hair and ask for an exchange. Customers are also able to ask for a refund if the hair has not yet been installed. It does not, however, seem like the company will issue a refund for a customer that is unhappy with their weave, but have already installed it.

Mayvenn Options

Mayvenn Hair has a large number of options for customers to choose from. They cater to every client’s needs, no matter what hair type, texture or style the user prefers. The company also offers all of their options at affordable prices, so that even those on a strict budget can afford a high-quality hair piece. The company offers their extensions in the following styles:

What It Looks Like In Real Life

straight weave hair

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Loose Wave

loose wave hair

**Current Discounts on Loose Wave Hair**
Body Wave

body wave hair

**Current Discounts on Body Wave Hair**
Deep Wave

deep wave hair

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curly weave

**Current Discounts on Curly Hair**
Water Wave

water wave hair from mayvenn

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Yaki Straight

yaki straight from mayvenn

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Kinky Straight

kinky straight hair from mayvenn

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NEW 360 Frontal

kinky straight hair from mayvenn

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Apart from their regular extensions, the company also offers closures and frontals to help their customers achieve a finished look.

Customer Reviews

Many people love Mayvenn Hair extensions/weaves.  A lot of people rant and rave about them! Some customer reviews that we’ve read said that after testing Mayvenn Hair extensions for several months, they found the hair pieces to last long, be affordable and even be appropriate for swimming. They also report that the extensions look great with their own natural hair.


Mayvenn Hair has gained a lot of popularity and even a $10 million investment in the past few years. The company manufactures virgin human hair extensions and claims to be one of the best in its industry. The company’s weaves and extensions have reasonable price tags attached to them and they offer a variety of styles that suits every individual customer. there are a lot of positive reviews about the company, and many fans of Mayvvenn Hair products.

Mayvenn Hair Extensions
HIGH Quality Extensions
Excellent Customer Service
True Virgin Hair
Money Back Guarentee
More Expensive Than Aliexpress 🙂
Final Score
Our Thoughts
Mayvenn is undoubtedly the #1 hair extension brand on the market today. We receive emails from ladies each day raving about the hair they received, and with a 30 day money back guarantee there is no excuse not to Mayvenn Hair for yourself.