Should You Buy Mayvenn Hair’s Malaysian Body Wave Weaves?

When you decide to buy a new weave, there are many options that you can choose from when you visit an online shop. People nowadays tend to prefer online stores due to a larger variety of products and options to choose from, but, at the same time, the larger number of options can also make things much more difficult. One particular option that you will have to select is the origin of the hair that your weave will be made from. There are many different origins that people can usually choose from, and most women who are new to wearing and installing weaves may not know which origin will go best with their natural hair. Malaysian hair is often a preferred choice for many people as this particular origin instantly adds fullness to the woman’s natural hair and goes well with many different types of natural hair.

malaysian body wave hairAnother choice that a woman needs to make is the style of hair she would like to by. Companies used to offer straight, wavy and curly as the primary hairstyles, but, today, you get many more options to choose from. Just as with the origin of the hair, the more options that becomes available, the harder the choice becomes. For those looking to add volume to their natural hair while also adding more length, the body wave is often the perfect choice. Here we want to take a look at whether or not customers should buy a Malaysian body wave weave from Mayvenn Hair.

Mayvenn Hair Malaysian Body Wave

mayvenn malaysian body waveFirst, let’s look at why Malaysian hair should be your top choice when buying a body wave weave from Mayvenn Hair or any other particular brand that sells weave on the internet. A Ha explains that Malaysian hair can be used with most natural hair texture as it features a very “full” look. For this reason, people who have very fine hair can easily opt for such a weave and instantly gain a fuller look on their head. Furthermore, while Malaysian hair tends to be more popular in a straight hairstyle, the hair can easily be tweaked into another style, such as by adding some waves or curls.

When buying a Malaysian Body Wave weave from Mayvenn Hair, customers should first realize that the company only offers these weaves in one particular color, which is natural black. The hair does not go through any type of chemical processing before it is shipped to the customer, which means it will be in a 100% virgin state when it reaches the customer. For this reason, a customer can easily take the hair and utilize dying products to modify the color of the weave to fit the particular color of their natural hair or the color they prefer.

A standard 10-inch Malaysian body wave weave costs $64 at Mayvenn Hair, which is affordable when compared to the price of a similar piece from other online retailers that specializes in real 100% virgin human hair. Customers can upgrade to longer weaves, but this will cost them more. The lengths go up to 28 inches, which will cost the customer $149 per piece.


The Malaysian body wave weaves offered by Mayvenn Hair can be combined with almost any kind of natural hair texture as it fits in well without causing suspicion that a woman is wearing a weave. The weaves can be purchased in a natural black color and then colored toward the preferences of the woman who will be installing them. They are also available in different lengths; thus allowing women to add more length or simply opt for them for extra body.