Mayvenn Hair Loose Wave Weaves Gives You A Full Body Look

While straight hair is often preferred by a large number of women due to the simplicity they offer and the fact that they perfectly fit in with any type of face, it is important to know that it can be difficult to style straight hair into styles that offers a higher level of volume and body. Curly hair, on the other hand, might offer the benefit of being easy to style without spending too much time in front of the mirror, but this type of hair certainly is not for every woman. There is a perfect option in-between straight and curly hair, known as the wave, which offers a woman flexibility and a variety of options when it comes to styling their hair.

The wave hair option is often divided into numerous parts, each providing a person with a number of benefits that they can take advantage from when they opt for that particular “part”. At Mayvenn Hair, customers get access to four different wave styles – this includes their popular body wave, the loose wave style and their deep wave option, as well as a more recent entry known as the water wave. In this post, we want to turn our focus to the loose wave option from Mayvenn Hair.

Mayvenn Hair Loose Wave

The loose wave weave option from Mayvenn Hair offers a woman quite a lot of advantages when it comes to achieving the perfect look. This option is able to provide the woman with a full body and voluminous look, without causing too much of a “messy” or “bedhead” appearance. While shopping for a loose wave weave from Mayvenn Hair, a customer gets to choose from many different options that allows them to customize the weave they will receive. Let’s take a closer look at the different customization options that customers can choose from when buying a loose wave weave at Mayvenn Hair.

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Weave Hair Color

When landing on the Mayvenn Hair Loose Wave page, the first option a customer is presented with is the color of the hair. It is important to choose the most appropriate color that would suit the customer’s preferences at this particular part of the shopping process. The default color is always natural black, but can be upgraded to a dark or standard blond, as well as an ombre-styled color. Customers who are planning to color their weave might want to upgrade to a blonde weave to make the coloring process easier.

Weave Hair Origin

The next option is the origin of the weave hair. While Mayvenn Hair tends to have numerous options available when it comes to the origin of hair with most of their weaves, the origin options available for their loose wave weaves is somewhat limited. Customers can choose to opt for the default Brazilian option, or pay an additional $10 to upgrade to Peruvian hair. When opting for a colored loose wave weave, the origin will be automatically changed to Indian hair.

Weave Hair Length

Finally, the customer needs to choose the length of the weave they would like to buy. The shortest weave is 10-inch in length, but customers can opt for weaves up to 28 inches in length. Longer weaves will add additional costs to the order. A 12-inch weave will add $5 to the order. A 28-inch weave will add $85 to the order.


The loose wave hair option is perfect for any woman looking for a sleek, elegant, yet full body look. It offers much more volume than the straight option, yet not as much body as the curly option would offer the customer; thus posing as an option that balances body and sleekness. These hair bundles are prices from as little as $59 and can be installed in numerous natural hair settings.