How To Buy A Deep Wave Weave From Mayvenn Hair

How To Buy A Deep Wave Weave From Mayvenn Hair

There are a large number of companies on the internet that offers affordable options for women who would like to buy real human hair weaves. Unfortunately, not all of these companies offer high-quality products, even though they claim to. Mayvenn Hair is one of the more trustworthy companies that offer real human hair products to the general public at affordable prices. The company has a large variety of weaves, closures and frontals that they offer to their customers. In this article, we want to look at a specific products that Mayvenn Hair offers. The product we want to look at is their deep wave weave hair bundles. This particular type of hair has become quite popular recently and is now worn by thousands of women who wear weaves.

Why Buy A Deep Wave Weave?

A deep wave weave can offer a woman a variety of benefits that many of the other hair types cannot offer. This type of weave has a deep wavy look. The waves are not significantly curly, but, at the same time, also not to sleek or straight; thus making for the perfect option for those who are looking for a weave that will help them add more body to their natural hair. Deep wave can also be styled without worrying about wearing the product out.

Mayvenn Hair Deep Wave

Mayvenn Hair has numerous options to choose from when a customer is interested in buying a deep wave weave from them. When a customer visits the brand’s deep wave page, they can choose from numerous options to customize the weave that they are buying. These weaves start from only $64 per weave.

The deep wave weaves from Mayvenn Hair is only available in a natural black color. This might be somewhat disappointing to customers who are looking for a different color, such as blonde. Should a customer rather want to opt for a blonde weave, they can still opt for a different hair style at Mayvenn Hair that is offered in blonde, such as one of their other wavy hair options.

Mayvenn Hair offers deep wave weaves in two different origin options. The default option is Brazilian, which is usually a good option for most customers. Those who would like another option, such as when Brazilian is not appropriate for their natural hair texture, can opt for an upgrade to Peruvian hair. Peruvian hair will cost an additional $10.

In addition to choosing the origin of the hair that will be sent out, the customer also needs to choose the length of the deep wave weave they would like to buy from Mayvenn Hair. The default length for these weaves is 12 inches long. Mayvenn Hair does not offer 10-inch deep wave weaves. Customers can upgrade the length of the weave they are buying by simply selecting a different length – this will incur an additional fee, which ranges from $5 for a 14-inch weave and $80 for a 28-inch weave.


When buying a weave online, it is important to buy from a reputable company that has the ability to offer the customer a quality product that is made from unprocessed virgin human hair. Mayvenn Hair is an excellent choice that offers a variety of options to the customer. Their deep wave weave bundles are particularly popular and can be used to achieve a variety of hair styles. Here we explored why opting for a deep wave weave is such an excellent choice and what you can expect when buying such a weave from Mayvenn Hair.


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