How To Care For Your Mayvenn Hair Weave

How To Care For Your Mayvenn Hair Weave

You’ve bought your very first weave from Mayvenn Hair and the day for installation has come. Even though you are very excited about installing your first weave, many thoughts constantly cross your mind. Apart from whether or not the weave will look good on you and how you should install it, there is also the fear of not knowing how to properly care for the weave. When you buy a weave, you spend quite a lot of money to improve the way your hair looks. If you do not take proper care of the weave, you will most definitely be wasting the money you have spent on the weave since the hair will start to tangle and start to shed, as well as become unmanageable.

Caring for a weave is important, but many people are not sure how they should care for their weave. The weave is made from real human hair. It is often recommended to care for a weave like you do for your own hair, but, at the same time, it is important not to “overdo” it. To help you make sure your hard earned money does not go to waste, we have compiled some excellent tips to help you take better care of your weave and to ensure the weave lasts as long as possible.

Mayvenn Hair Care Instructions

After you have bought your weave from Mayvenn Hair and completed the installation, it is important to follow some important steps that will help you prevent excessive damage, and ultimately help you make your new weave last for an extended period of time. When you do take care of your weave, it can often last for as much as an entire year – in fact, some people are able to use their weave for as much as two years and sometimes even longer with proper care.

Let’s start by discussing how you should comb your weave and, should it get tangled, how you should detangle the weave. According to Ebony, it is important not to be too harsh when combing your weave hair. When you rip a comb through a weave, it will most likely cause hair to fall out and may lead to shedding, as well as damage. They also recommend detangling a weave while it is wet. You can also use a detangling product to help make it easier to detangle the weave hair.

When it comes to washing, it is important to know that dirt and oil can build up on weave hair just like it does on your natural hair. For this reason, regularly washing your weave hair is vital for keeping the weave hair healthy and preventing excessive damage. You should use a shampoo that has been developed especially for weave hair if you can. Conditioning is also important to retain moisture and to prevent the hair from becoming dry, which may also lead to damage.

It is also important to dry hair after you have washed and conditioned it. When a weave is not properly dried, it may cause mold to develop and even lead to a very unpleasant smell. The best way to dry a weave completely after giving it a wash is to utilize a dryer for some time until the entire weave is dry.

Additional Hair Care Products That Our Team Love

Spornette Super Looper Wig Brush

This brush does wonders to help keep your wig lasting longer. If you haven’t tried (or have) a wig bush, this is the one to go with. It only $12 and will last many, many years. This particular brush is great for detangling wigs, and is very gentle because of it’s the looping system it uses for its bristles. You can view more details and purchase this brush directly on here.


RemySoft blueMax Daily Refresher

The reason why we love this product is because its specially made to be safe for hair extensions, weaves, and wigs. That means it will protect and prolong the lifespan of your hair! We’ve noticed that it also helps with tangling as well.  It’s relatively cheap, comes in a small bottle that easy to travel with, and worth every penny of the $14 that it costs. You can view more details and read the customer review about this product directly on here.



A weave can be quite expensive; thus taking care of the weave should be a top priority for any person who has purchased such a product to ensure they get the maximum value possible from their investment. In this article, we shared some vital tips that help people who wear weaves ensure their weave stays clean and lasts long without causing excessive damage or shedding.




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