Why Buy Weave Bundles From Mayvenn Hair

One of the most significant problems that women face when they want to install a full weave is the fact that one single bundle of hair is usually not adequate for covering their entire head. Simply using a single bundle create an unnatural appearance and it could simply be a waste of money. Thus, multiple bundles would be required to achieve an appropriate look, but the costs for buying multiple bundles of hair can quickly add up – in some cases, it may even cost the woman as much as $500 or even more when they opt for three or four bundles to cover their entire head.

3 hair bundlesThe alternative to buying weave bundles separately for a full head installation is to rather opt for bundled deals. There are many brands that offer bundled deals, which often includes three bundles of hair in a set and costs less than the bundles would normally cost separately. Unfortunately, some brands tend to use lower quality hair when setting up bundled deals; thus the woman would not really be saving money as opposed to buying the hair pieces separately, but rather be opting for a lower quality product.

Why Opt For Mayvenn Hair Bundles

mayvenn logoMayvenn Hair is unlike the many brands that includes lower quality hair pieces in their bundled deals. While many companies tend to use lower quality hair when they create bundled deals, Mayvenn Hair does not settle for lower quality hair in their bundled offers. Instead, Mayvenn Hair offers bundled deals that include the standard hair pieces that can be purchased on their website. This puts Mayvenn Hair at the top list of choices when it comes to buying bundles that include multiple weaves in one set at a reduced fee.

There are both advantages and drawbacks that we should consider when opting for hair bundles from Mayvenn Hair. The most significant benefit would, as we just mentioned, be the fact that the brand does not reduce the quality of the hair they include in bundled offers. Another major benefit is the fact that the customer is able to save a lot of money by opting for a bundle instead of separate hair pieces. This money can be used to buy a closure or a frontal, for example, to help the customer achieve a better look after the weave installation has been completed.

Now let’s take a quick look at potential drawbacks that a customer should also consider before buying a bundled offer from Mayven Hair. The most significant drawback would be the fact that the customer is not given the option to customize the hair that is included in the bundled offers. These deals have been predefined and includes specific sets of weave hair; thus the color, length and origin of each individual piece of weave included in the bundle cannot be customized in any way. The length of each weave piece will also be exactly the same, which may also be somewhat of a disappointment to customers who wishes to purchase different length weave pieces to create a layered look or another particular look that requires this particular attribute.


mayvenn water weave hairBundled hair deals can help a woman safe a significant amount of money when it comes to buying an adequate amount of hair sets to cover their full head during an installation. These deals most often includes about three hair bundles, which is usually enough to cover an entire head. Mayvenn Hair offers high-quality bundled deals that includes multiple sets of the standard hair sets offered by the brand at a reduced cost, making them more affordable to the majority of customers who do not have a large budget to work with.