Exclusive Deal: 15% Off A Mayvenn Hair Brazilian Straight Weave

For women who have been wearing weaves for a considerable amount of time, choosing the best customization options while buying a new weave becomes very easy. For those who are still new to weaves, however, it can be really hard as there are quite a lot of options that a person needs to consider when they are in the process of buying hair. While most companies tend to offer different types of weaves as separate products, Mayvenn Hair has simplified the process by offering all the customization options that are available for a particular weave type on one single page. Here we want to introduce you to the options that are available when opting for a Brazilian straight weave from Mayvenn Hair, which has become one of their most popular products.

Why Opt For Brazilian Hair Type When Buying From Mayvenn Hair

brazilian straightWhen you are interested in buying hair from Mayvenn Hair, then you will need to choose a hair origin during the customization process. Here, you will be given various options, including Brazilian, Indian and Peruvian. It can be tough choosing between these different options when you do not know the difference between them. If you are opting for straight hair with a natural black color, then we highly recommend choosing Brazilian for the origin of your hair. Here are a few reasons why we recommend Brazilian origin over Indian and Peruvian:

  • The most significant fact that should be considered is the fact that Brazilian hair does not add any additional fees to your order. When upgrading to another option, an additional fee is added to your order. Even when buying from another brand, you’ll notice that Brazilian tends to be the more affordable option. For example, when upgrading to an Indian weave at Mayvenn Hair, an additional $5 will be added to your order. Peruvian will add an additional $10.
  • Brazilian hair has a natural appearance and can usually be paired with almost any type of natural hair. It is also the most popular type of hair used in weaves and is even used by many celebrities.
  • Brazilian hair is easy to maintain and does not require as much care as some of the other hair types.

Mayvenn Hair Brazilian Straight Weaves

mayvenn hair peruvianMayvenn Hair offers affordable Brazilian straight weave bundles that can be customized according to the customer’s individual requirements. While these bundles can only be purchased in a natural black color, the hair has not been treated with any type of chemicals prior to manufacturing or dispatching to the client, which means the client is able to color them according to their particular requirements. Since Brazilian hair is durable, a customer can event opt to bleach them in order to achieve a lighter color.

The Brazilian straight weaves from Mayvenn Hair can be chosen in different lengths, depending on how much length the customer would like to add to their natural hair. The shorter variants can be chosen when a person does not need much length, but would rather like to achieve a short, yet full-body look. The length can be upgraded up to 28 inches, which is perfect for those who are looking for a longer type of hairstyle.


Mayvenn Hair’s Brazilian Straight weave hair bundles offer customers an affordable way to achieve a natural-looking weave installation. The hair is affordable and can be purchased in a natural black color. The hair is easy to maintain and can be colored, treated with styling products and the customer is able to achieve virtually any hair style they desire with these sleek-looking hair bundles.