What Are Your Options When Buying Frontals From Mayvenn Hair?

If you have recently installed a set of weaves to compliment your natural hair and make it seem fuller, or to create an entirely new look for yourself, then you might have noticed that it is not always very easy to achieve a realistic and natural look when only using sets of weave hairs. In addition to these weave pieces, closures and frontals are often also needed to help make the additions of hair look like they are part of your natural hair. Frontals are added to the front part of the head to help avoid people seeing that you have installed weave hair, while closures are added to the top to cover up any potential “mishaps” and signs on top of the head.

mayvenn logoWhen it comes to buying frontals, you might have a difficult time as you would not know where to start. Amongst the brands out there, we highly recommend Mayven Hair – and in this article, we are going to tell you exactly why you should opt for Mayvenn Hair when you are looking to buy a high-quality frontal that is made of 100% virgin human hair.

Mayvenn Frontals

Buying frontal hair pieces from Mayvenn Hair is much easier than many people might think – and the process is also much simpler than what can be found at numerous of the competitor websites. Mayvenn offers two types of frontals – standard frontals and 360 frontals. A customer needs to start by selecting the type of frontal they want, and they are then presented with a single page that allows them to customize their desired frontal toward their unique requirements. After customizing the frontal piece they would like to purchase, they can simply complete the checkout process and their product will be shipped directly to them.

When you visit the frontals page on Mayvenn Hair, you are presented with all the customization options you need to choose the perfect frontal piece to suit your weave, your hair texture, hair quality and your hair type.

Frontals Mayvenn


The first step is to choose the color of the frontal piece. Colors include natural black, dark blonde and blonde. In addition to these three primary colors, Mayvenn Hair also offers two color options that include a standard color and roots that has a different color, such as a dark blonde hair piece with natural black roots.

After choosing a color, you need to select the style in which the hair in the frontal should be. The primary hair style choices they have includes straight and loose wave, but some hair color options can be ordered in other styles as well. For example, their natural black frontals can be ordered in eight different styles, including the primary two styles, as well as a yaki straight, water wave, kinky straight and curly option.

Customers can also choose the origin of the hair that should be used in the frontal, which may include Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian or Indian. The brand also offers the option to choose a material type, with standard lace being the default option.

Lastly, the customer can choose the length of the frontal piece. The default length is 14-inch, but customers can opt for an 18-inch frontal piece instead.


Buying a frontal hair piece is often well worth the money for women who wishes to achieve a full head of weave hair, either to improve the appearance of thinning hair, to make their natural hair look fuller or to experiment with new looks without damaging their natural hair. Mayvenn Hair is one of the best online retailers for buying frontals and, even though they might be a little more expensive than what some people would expect, their products are well worth the money.