Save Up To $51 With A Mayvenn Hair Bundle Deal

Buying a bundle deal is now one of the most popular ways of saving money when buying weaves both on the internet and at physical stores that specializes in these particular types of products. By opting for a bundle deal instead of single sets of weaves, a person can often save a considerable amount of money. The saved money can then be used to help the woman achieve a better look after the installation of the weave by adding an additional hair piece that goes at the front part of their hair, also known as a frontal, or a hair piece that goes on top of the head after the weave has been installed, which is also known as a closure. In some cases, a woman may also want to opt for a bundle deal when they are unable to afford an adequate amount of single weave sets to cover their complete head during a weave installation.

Mayvenn Bundle Deals

Mayvenn Hair Extensions LogoMayvenn Hair has become trusted by over 200,000 different customers. Their products are all of high quality and are always made from real human hair. The company offers different hairstyles, as well as different hair origins. While shopping for a weave at Mayvenn Hair, customers aregiven a simple shopping experience that is perfect for even those who are not “tech-savvy”.

After landing on Mayvenn Hair’s website, the customer first needs to decide the style of the weave they wish to buy. Thereafter, they can choose between numerous options to help them customize the weave they are buying toward their particular needs. This include the color of the hair, the origin of the hair and, of course, how long the weave should be. Multiple weaves can then be added to the order and the customer can then follow a quick checkout process to pay for their order and get it shipped to them.

Unfortunately, some customers may find that it can be quite expensive to buy multiple sets of hair and then having to pay for each of these sets separately. The order’s total can quickly calculate to over $200, and many customers may still want to add an additional closure or frontal to ensure their installation looks as natural as it possibly can.

With Mayvenn Hair, this particular concern does not have to stop the customer from buying any weaves or products. Mayvenn Hair offered numerous bundled deals that gives the customer an opportunity to get multiple sets of weaves without having to pay the full price. The company is currently offering two different bundles deals, but they often add new promotions to their website; thus additional bundled deals may also be added in the near future.

mayvenn water weave hairAt the moment, customers can opt for a three piece Brazilian water wave bundle for only $156. This bundle includes three 14-inch bundles of water wave weaves in one bundle. Should the customer by these separately, they would normally pay $207. The company is also offering a three-piece bundle of Yaki Straight weaves. All of the weaves are 14-inch in length and comes in a natural black color. This bundle also costs $156, which is a $51 discount from the $207 it would cost separately.


Mayvenn hair has numerous bundle deals offered to the general public. These deals can help the customer save as much as $51, which can then be spent on additional products to help them achieve the perfect look they are striving for. In addition to being able to save on such a bundle deal, the brand also frequently offers a promotional code, which further reduces the total cost of the customer’s order.