Get A Sleek Look With A Brazilian Straight Weave From Mayvenn Hair

Opting for a straight option when buying the style of the weave you wish to buy can be advantageous for many people. Straight hair is known to go well with almost every face type and can be used in quite a large variety of hairstyles. When you pair the straight hair option with hair that is of Brazilian origin, you get the advantages of hair that fits numerous face types, as well as the many benefits that Brazilian hair is able to offer you. Mayvenn Hair has a variety of options when it comes to buying Brazilian straight hair from them, including two additional options that features sleeker hair types.

Why Choose Brazilian Hair?

virgin brazilian hairFirst, let’s see why Brazilian hair should be your choice when choosing the origin of the weave you purchase. Beauty Forever explains that Brazilian hair is easy to maintain and this particular type of hair does not start to wear out as quickly as some other hair types. Furthermore, Brazilian hair is able to offer you a thick look without looking unnatural. Brazilian hair is also a perfect choice for long hairstyles, as well as the shorter styles. We should also mention that Brazilian hair can be colored quite easily, as long as you make sure you are buying 100% virgin Brazilian human hair that has not undergone any type of chemical treatments.

Mayvenn Brazilian Straight Hair

Mayvenn Hair is known to produce some of the best quality weaves on the market today. When you land on their site, you can choose from many different options that have been tailored to meet the needs of every individual customer. Their Brazilian straight hair options are exceptionally popular and features real, unprocessed human hair that has been manufactured into high-quality weaves – perfect for achieving virtually any hairstyle a customer may be looking for.

mayven brazilian hairThe brand’s Brazilian straight hair is only offered in a natural black color, since they do not process their weave hair with any kind of chemicals and they do not color the products prior to producing a weave or prior to shipment. Customers are able to choose the length of the weave that best suits their requirements.

Customers who are looking for a shorter hairstyle may opt for a shorter weave set, such as a 10-inch Brazilian straight hair set, which would cost the customer $55 per piece. This is more affordable than many of the competing brands would charge for such a weave, and the weave is made from 100% real virgin human hair. Customers who are rather looking to add length to their natural hair and would like to opt for a longer hairstyle can consider upgrading the length of their weave.

Additional fees apply to a length upgrade. A $4 fee will be added when upgrading to a 12-inch. The size options go up to 26 and 28-inch options, which would add an additional $74 or more per piece to the customer’s order.

Mayvenn Hair also has a relevantly new “straight hair” option, which is called the “Yaki Straight” option. This option is now becoming very popular and has been developed for individuals who are planning to relax their hair with a chemical treatment prior to installing the weave.


Every person has different needs that should be met when it comes to buying a weave. Straight hair has become quite popular and, combined with Brazilian origin, offers numerous benefits, such as a more natural look than a person would be able to achieve when opting for a different type of weave. Mayvenn Hair offers Brazilian straight hair from as little as $55 and has numerous customization options to choose from.