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How To Identify True Indian Hair

Brazilian and Peruvian hair may be a popular choice when it comes to buying weave hair, but Indian hair is also quickly gaining grounds among people who wear weaves often. This type of hair has many characteristics that makes it unique, comfortable to wear and an excellent choice for a large variety of people. Another property of Indian hair that is causing it to become increasingly popular is the fact that many companies offer Indian hair at affordable prices, which makes it more accessible to the general population that has a tiny budget to work with while shopping for weave hair or hair extensions. In this post, we will discuss the characteristics of Indian hair and tell you why Indian hair is such a popular choice.

Characteristics of Indian Hair

We should first discuss the characteristics of Indian hair as this will help you quickly idindian weave hairentify whether hair you have purchased are in fact Indian or rather of another origin. World Hair Extensions explain that Indian hair has a glossy look and the hair is generally very shiny. Indian hair is often very long and luscious as well. The only negative factors related to Indian hair is usually the fact that the hair is only available in a limited number of colors, which usually includes a dark brown and an off-black color. Indian hair is not available in colors such as blonde, light brown or red.

The Benefits Of Indian Hair

There are many advantages to choosing Indian hair over the other types of hair that are currently available on the market. Let’s take a look at the various benefits that you can obtain from buying Indian human hair.

Indian Hair Is Unique

Indian hair has a unique look that cannot be seen in other types of human hair, including Brazilia, Peruvian and Malaysian hair types. It is only available in a few very dark shades and if you buy real virgin Indian hair, then the hair will also be of high quality. Due to the thickness of the hair, it is often considered a premium-type hair as it does not break easily and people find that Indian hair is usually easy to maintain.

Instant Length And Volume

Another beneficial feature of Indian hair is the fact that Indians often grow their hair to extreme lengths, which means you will easily find long Indian hair extensions and weave sets at an affordable price. By utilizing this type of hair, you can instantly add more length to your natural hair. Indian hair also has a lot of volume, which means it is the perfect choice if you are looking for hair that can help to add more body and a “bounce” effect to your natural hair.

Styling Options

Lastly, we would like to mention that Indian hair is quite easy to style and it is also relatively simple to maintain. The hair is thick, sleek and shiny; which means it will not easily obtain damage should you decide to use a curl iron or straightener on your Indian weave or extensions. You are also able to treat the hair with shampoo, conditioners and leave-in treatments without being worried about damaging the hair and wasting your money.


Buying Indian hair is not only affordable, but also allows for a multitude of different styles. Indian hair might only be available in a limited variety of colors, but the hair is versatile and can be styled in many different ways; thus offering the buyer real value without sacrificing quality. The majority of weave companies also offer Indian hair extensions, which means it is also relatively easy to obtain.