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How Many Weave Bundles Do You Really Need?

The entire process of buying and installing a weave can be quite complex. That’s why many people prefer to go to a hairstylist to get everything done. A hairstylist is able to tell a person what type of hair would be most appropriate for them and even do the entire installation process without running into any problems. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to go to a hairstylist. Some people also find that hair salons charge too much for hair and prefers to buy the hair themselves and then get a hairstylist to install the weaves for them. No matter what process you prefer – if you wear weaves or are planning to, there is a good chance that you’ve asked the question “how many bundles of hair do I need?”

Determining the appropriate number of hair bundles that is required for a full head of weaves can be tricky. This number often differs from person to person, and numerous aspects need to be considered when deciding the most appropriate number of hair bundles. Since this is such a commonly asked question, we’ve compiled a guide that will help you decide how many bundles of hair you should buy. This will help avoid wasting money on too many bundles, but will also help to avoid realizing you do not have enough bundles in the middle of the installation process.

Determining The Number Of Bundles You Need

Since there are numerous aspects that should be taken into account when you decide how many bundles you should buy for a full head of weaves, we are going to walk you through each of these aspects to help you better understand the process of deciding how many bundles you will need.

  • Hair length – the length of the hair you want to install has the biggest impact on the number of hair bundles you will need. The longer hair you want, the more bundles you will require. Thus, you should start by determining how long you want your weaves to be. This will give you a better idea of how many bundles you might need.

hair extension length

  • Hair texture – the texture of the hair you will be installing will also have an effect on the number or bundles you will require to achieve a full look. For example, straight hair will require significantly more hair than curly hair since curly hair is naturally denser than straight hair.

Hair Curls at Ends

  • Head size – another aspect that should be considered is the size of your own head. The bigger your head, the more bundles you may need. It is, however, important not to put too much focus on this aspect as it does not always have a significant impact on the bundle requirements.

Lace Frenzy Wigs recommends using two bundles of hair if you want to install 12-inch or 14-inch extensions. If you want to install any length between 16-inch and 22-inch, then you should opt for three bundles. If you intend to install extensions that are longer than 22-inch, like a set of 24-inch or 28-inch extensions, then you should rather opt for four bundles if you wish to achieve a full look.


Deciding how many bundles of hair you require for a full head of weaves is vital to ensure you are not left with an inadequate number of bundles or too many bundles. Unfortunately, hairstylists often provide vague answers when a customer asks this question because many aspects need to be taken into consideration. If you prefer to buy your own bundles, then follow the guide we’ve provided here to decide how many bundles you should buy before proceeding with the installation process.



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