Her Imports Introduces A Brand New Collection Of Wigs

natural hairWhen you would like to improve the way your hair looks without having to wait years for it to grow thicker or longer, there are two primary options that you can choose from. The first is to install a certain number of weave bundles and, in many cases, add an additional frontal or closures, to help improve the volume and length of your hair instantly. Even though this is said to protect your natural hair from damage, it is important to note that weaves can still wear your natural hair down and the chemicals you use to style the weave can still reach your natural hair. The alternative option is to use a wig. A wig offers a full head coverage and adds an additional layer of protections against your natural hair.

Many people may think that a wig is too expensive for them to buy, but when you consider the fact that a single bundle of weave hair is never really enough to cover your entire head and that the total amount of money needed for a full head of weaves – as well as the additional closure or frontal – can quickly add up, you will notice that a wig may be the more appropriate choice in many cases. There are other significant benefits that people should also consider when comparing a weave installation to a wig.

Her Imports Wigs

her import logoWhen Her Imports started out, the company only specialized in a few sets of weaves. During the last few years, they have grown considerably and frequently adds new products to their collection of offerings. They also announced the launch of their very own styling and hair care products a while ago, which included shampoos, conditioners and even some styling tools that have been manufactured with a weave in mind.

Today, the company has a large portfolio of products they offer – and most recently, they also introduced a new collection of wigs. Wigs has numerous benefits to offer a customer over the installation of a weave; thus this new collection would most certainly be of interest to many of their existing and even to potentially new customers.

Her Imports offers quite a diverse selection of wigs in many different styles. It is also quite easy to purchase a wig from Her Imports due to their convenient online shopping center. A customer first needs to choose the type of wig they would like to buy from Her Imports. This would essentially decide what type of weave they would buy – such as whether the hair used in the wig would be of Brazilian, Peruvian or Malaysian origin, as well as the style of the hair, which may include a straight, curly or wavy style.

Once decided, the customer will be offered different options that are available for the particular type of hair they have selected. Here, the customer is able to find an option for “wigs”. After clicking on the “wigs” option, the customer is taken to a page where they can choose the type of wig they would like to buy. These options include a lace front wig, a 360 lace wig and a full lace wig. The price of each option defers. Finally, the customer can choose the appropriate length for the hair installed in their weave, and then follow a simple checkout procedure to have the wig shipped out to them.


Her Imports recently announced a range of wigs, known as the Illusion Lace Wigs collection. These wigs offer a women full coverage of her entire head, as well as an extra layer of protection to ensure her natural hair is never exposed to harmful chemicals or the heat that are expelled from certain types of styling equipment, such as a curl iron, straightener or hairdryer, during the styling process. Their wigs are affordable and made from real human hair, giving the woman a better choice when it comes to improving her look without potentially causing harm to her natural hair.