Why You Should Consider Buying Peruvian Hair From Her Imports

Peruvian Hair StraightWhen a woman wants to install a weave, their primary concerns are usually how long the weave will last them, what they can do with the weave and how they can style the weave. When opting for cheaper options, such as weaves that are made from synthetic hair, women tend to find that they are unable to style the hair according to their preferences and they are usually unable to use certain styling tools, such as a straightening or curl iron, in the hair. By using these products on synthetic and cheap weaves, the hair tends to fall out quickly and become dry. This can be unfortunate as the weave will then need to be replaced.

By opting for a higher quality weave that contains 100% virgin hair, a woman is able to continue using the same products and tools she uses on her natural hair, without risking excessive damage to the weave. Peruvian hair is a particular option that many women tend to opt for when it comes to select an origin for the weaves they wish to buy. Her Imports has a wide selection of 100% virgin Peruvian hair in their collection of products. In this post, we wish to discuss why buying this type of weave from Her Imports is a good idea, and look at what this brand can offer women who are looking to buy a Peruvian weave.

Why Buy Your Peruvian Weaves From Her Imports

Peruvian body waveBuying a Peruvian weave from Her Imports offer the customer a large number of potential benefits, with the most significant benefit being the fact that the woman is able to boost their confidence by enhancing their physical appearance – without causing damage to their natural hair due to styling tools and products, such as hair sprays, used to style their hair.

When it comes to Peruvian hair in particular, women usually enjoy the fact that this type of hair blends in with many different natural hair textures, including African-American hair types. This means that most women would be able to opt for a Peruvian weave without being at risk that their natural hair and the weave hair may not blend in together.

The Peruvian weaves offered by Her Imports are made of 100% virgin human hair. These weaves can be installed with ease and they are durable. This means that the customer can expect the hair to last for a considerable amount of time. In fact, Her Imports claims that some of their customers get as much as three years out of their Peruvian weaves when the customer washes the weave frequently, use a high-quality conditioner and utilize appropriate styling products when styling the hair with hairdryers or other heated styling tools.

The prices of Peruvian weaves at Her Imports are relatively affordable when compared to how much other companies are charging. The length of their Peruvian weaves ranges from 12 inches (a 12-inch weave costs $121) to 32 inches (a 32-inch weave costs $213). Customers can also choose to add a silk or lace closure to their order, as well as one of the brand’s exclusive Illusion frontals.


Her Imports offer a selection of high-quality Peruvian hair weaves, as well as frontal pieces and closures. The company does not process their hair with chemicals and the hair is provided to the customer in a virgin state, which means the customer is able to style the hair as they wish and even color the hair from their side. Peruvian weaves from Her Imports are affordable and can last for over a year when the customer treats it well.