The Premium My Hair Collection From Her Imports Offers High-Quality Hair At Affordable Prices

The Premium My Hair Collection From Her Imports Offers High-Quality Hair At Affordable Prices

Buying a weave is often seen as making an investment. Weaves are quite expensive, but when you buy a high-quality weave, it could last for over two years with proper care and maintenance. This means that a one-time purchase of such a product will offer you value for a long time and you would not have to buy another weave for an extended period of time. All expenses you would have for ensuring the weave lasts at least two years is when you buy products to wash and condition the hair. Unfortunately, not all weaves that can be found at online and physical stores can last this long. There are some exceptions, however, such as the My Hair collection from Her Imports.

The My Hair collection, offered by one of the most trusted companies in the weave industry – Her Imports, offers customers an opportunity to buy high-quality premium-grade hair that will act as an investment as they would not have to replace the hair anytime soon after their purchase. While this particular collection of weaves and hair pieces are more expensive than the other products offered by Her Imports, they are made of higher quality hair and will outperform the durability and quality of any other weave offered by the company – and even weaves offered by some of the brand’s competitors.

Her Imports My Hair

The primary products in the My Hair collection at Her Imports is a range of weaves, but this is not the only products that can be purchased in this particular collection. There is a range of frontals and closures that are also offered with the premium hair used in the My Hair weaves from this brand. In addition to these products, Her Imports also offers a My Hair Illusion Frontal product for those who are really looking for a full body hairstyle.

The most affordable weave in the My Hair collection is a standard 12-inch weave. The cost for this piece is $187. Thereafter, the price for a weave starts to increase as the length of the weave increases. A 14-inch weave costs $192.50. Another popular choice is a 20-inch weave, which costs $214.50. The length of the My Hair weaves go up to 30 inches. A 30-inch My Hair weave costs $253.00 per piece. Note that a single piece is usually not enough for a full head installation, which means you should budget for at least two or three weaves if you want a natural look and a complete installation.

The cheapest closure offered in this collection is a 12-inch lace closure, priced at $132 per piece. Upgrading to a silk closure instead would cost you $192.50. If a longer closure is needed, then you can opt for a 16-inch lace closure, priced at $143, or a 16-inch silk closure, priced at $203.50. Their Illusion Frontals are more expensive, priced at $250 per piece, but offers a more elegant appearance after installation.


Buying a higher quality weave may cost you more money, but, in the end, such a weave would offer you better value for your money. The My Hair collection of weaves and frontals by Her Imports can last for over two years when you take good care of the hair. The hair is this particular collection is durable and can be styled with ease. If you are looking for a high-quality weave that will give you a lot of value, and you are able to spend a few extra dollars on your purchase, then the My Hair collection from Her Imports might be exactly what you are looking for.

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