How To Install A Her Imports Lace Frontal

her import logoHer Imports offers a variety of lace frontal options for women who wish to install such an item after they have installed a bundle of weaves into their natural hair. There are quite a lot of benefits to consider when installing a frontal as well, such as the fact that a frontal is able to improve the appearance of the weave installation and help the woman achieve a look that seems like she is wearing her own natural hair.

The installation of a frontal can be complex to many people; thus many women tend to take their weave and frontal to a professional hair stylist to get it installed. Unfortunately, some women spend all the money they have available for a weave on the weave and frontal, which means they cannot afford to go to a professional stylist afterwards to get it installed. Luckily, installing the frontal does not have to be such a pain as many women think it might be. We are going to give you a step-by-step instruction guide on how you can install the perfect frontal you have purchased from Her Imports.

Step-By-Step Installation Instructions

First of all, prior to the installation of a frontal, you should ensure that your weave was installed correctly and that there are no errors that may get in your way of installing the frontal. You also need to ensure you have all the required tools and products on hand to make sure your frontal installation goes flawless.

For the installation of a frontal, you will need the frontal hair piece, of course, as well as some alcohol, a razor, some tweezers and an adhesive – some women prefer to use a glue, but there are some that would rather opt for a tape adhesive instead. The choice ultimately lies with your personal preferences.

It is often easier to place the frontal first on a mannequin head if you have on. If not, please it on your own head. Now you should use the tweezers to remove hair that might make the frontal seem unnatural. Ensure the hairline matches that of your own. Excess lace that is found on the frontal should also be cut away during this step.

Your hair should be kept flat and, should you have a shorter hairstyle, you should consider using gel to flatten your hair. Your hairline should be cleaned with some rubbing alcohol to make sure any oil or dirt buildup is removed prior to the installation of the frontal.

Now you simply need to apply the adhesive of your choice, which may be either tape or glue, to your hairline. Note that the adhesive should be applied to the part of your head where the frontal will be installed. Once the adhesive has been applied, simply place the frontal in perspective with your hair line, press down on it gently until the glue dries, should you have chosen glue as your adhesive, and then you are good to go. Always ensure that the frontal is evenly placed so that it looks as natural as possible.


her imports frontalsA frontal is often necessary for the most natural look a weave can give you, but with such a high price in mind, many women cannot afford to buy a frontal and get a professional stylist to install it. The instructions we have provided here will help you install the frontal at home and ensure that it looks completely natural; thus giving you the opportunity to spend a little extra on the perfect frontal without having to worry about the expensive fees a hair stylist may charge you.