Why Indian Temple Hair From Her Imports Might Be The Best Option For You

Buying a weave has become quite difficult for many people, especially those who have not worn a weave before and who are still learning how the world of weaves really works. While buying a weave, a person is usually presented with many different options that they need to choose from. Since a weave cannot be returned after installation in most cases, a woman needs to make sure she chooses the right options while she is buying a weave or she may end up losing quite a lot of money – yes, weaves are certainly not cheap and, even though a weave can last for a long time, the initial purchase can still cost a lot of money.

her imports hairDuring the selection process, a woman is asked what type of hair they wish to buy. One of the most important aspects to choose from when a woman is buying a weave is the origin of the hair and the quality of the hair they wish their weave to be made of. Most companies offer options like budget hair, standard hair and sometimes also a premium range of hair. There is usually a significant difference in price between these options; thus it is important for a woman to make sure she can afford the particular option she opts for as she will need to buy around two to three bundles of hair for a weave installation.

Her Imports Indian Temple Hair

Her Imports offers an exclusive range of hair that people now tend to opt for when they want to invest in a higher quality weave that will last them a longer period of time. This particular range of weaves are called the “My Hair” range and features several options to choose from, including:

  • Weaves and weave bundles
  • Closures (silk and lace-based)
  • Frontals (silk and lace-based)
  • Illusion Frontals

indian temple hairWhat makes this particular range of products from Her Imports so unique and better than the rest is the fact that the brand utilizes some of the best quality hair that are available on the market to produce these weaves and hair pieces. The hair that they acquire and use in these weaves are called Indian temple hair. What makes Her Imports a better option than many other companies that offers Indian temple hair is the fact that Her Imports offer an authenticity certificate that proofs the hair used in these weaves are, in fact, real Indian temple hair.

This type of hair is often utilized by celebrities and are trusted by some of the most exclusive hair stylists in the world. All of the hair used in these weaves are hand selected by experts at Her Imports to ensure that the hair is durable, easy to maintain and to make sure they will last for a much longer time than the other hair offered by the brand will last.

Her Imports refrains from utilizing any type of chemicals to process the hair after they have acquired it. They also do not use any silicone products to make the hair shinier or sleeker, and the brand does not use any coloring agents to color the hair. This means that the My Hair range from Her Imports is 100% virgin and unprocessed.


The My Hair range of weaves, bundles, closures and frontals offered by Her Imports are made from Indian temple hair, which is probably the best quality hair there is on the market. These products are somewhat more expensive than those utilized in the other options offered by the company, but are of much higher quality and can be used for a longer period of time without damage or shedding.