Her Imports Hook Up Program Gives You Five Bundles With A Small $60 Down Payment And Up To 12 Months To Pay

Weaves don’t last forever and can be damaged unexpectedly at any time. When this happens and you have run out of money, there might not be a way for you to buy a new weave and wearing the worn out, damaged weave might not be the most appropriate thing for you to do. Her Imports, however, have come up with the perfect solution for people who needs to buy a new weave when they do not have enough money to pay for their entire order once-off. This particular option is not only suitable for a person who finds that their current weave has worn out, but also to those who needs to buy a weave for the first time, but do not have the upfront cash to pay for the entire order.

Her Imports Hookup Program

dry hairNoticed that your weave is wearing out rather quickly and do not think you would be able to make it until the end of the month? Or maybe your natural hair has extensive damage and you really need to do something about it, but do not have the funds available to buy multiple bundles of weaves for a complete installation? Whatever the reason, the hookup program offered by Her Imports could be the solution to your particular problem.

her import logoHer Imports offers quite a large variety of products on their website, and they also have numerous physical stores where customers can pick up any products instantly without having to wait for delivery. While their website is one of the most popular ways of buying products from Her Imports, the company has also expanded to 10 different countries, with 34 stores spread throughout these countries. Over 250,000 customers now prefers Her Imports products when it comes to buying weaves, and the products sold by this brand is of such a high quality that more than 12,000 local stylists chooses this brand’s products over that of other brands.

When applying for the hookup program from Her Imports, customers can either visit a particular landing page that allows them to apply for particular products, which gives them the opportunity to purchase up to five different bundles of hair. When utilizing this method, the customer will be required to pay a minimum of $60 as a deposit for their order. Thereafter, the customer will be allowed to make affordable monthly installments until they have paid for their entire order.

For customers who are looking for more options, the hookup program is also available at particular pages on the brand’s website. A customer can visit a particular page relating to the product they would like to buy. When the customer lands on such a page, they can scroll down to find out more information about how the hookup program will work for the particular product they are interested in. Should the customer be interested, they can then apply for the hookup program and purchase the particular products they are interested in from there.


Her Imports offer a hook up program that gives their customers the opportunity to purchase multiple bundles of weave hair, as well as additional products that will help them create a natural look and take care of their newly installed weave, without having to pay for the entire order upfront. The hook up program requires a down payment of approximately $60 and gives the customer up to 12 months to pay their order. Here we looked at the pros and cons of this particular program to help you decide whether the hook up program from Her Imports is right for you.