OSI Works CLING EdgeSafe From Her Imports Offers A Safe, Yet Effective Way To Keep Your Frontal In Place

Installing a weave can be an exciting time in a woman’s life, but while installing the weave hair is a great way to improve their appearance, only installing a few sets of weaves is not always enough to cover a woman’s entire head and offer her a natural look. A frontal is often needed to make sure there are no signs of the weave’s installation visible when the woman is showing off her new weave – the goal of a weave is, after all, to make it look like the woman is showing off her natural hair.

The installation of a frontal can be tricky when it is not done by a professional hair stylist that has experience in weaves and frontals. It is still possible to do it at home, but there are some factors that a person needs to take into consideration when they would like to install a frontal at home. The first and one of the most important factors is the type of adhesive they will be using to install the frontal. Glue is usually the preferred choice when it comes to choosing an adhesive for the installation of a frontal.

Her Imports Frontal Glue

When shopping for a frontal at Her Imports, customers will be glad to know that they can also order a bottle of frontal glue with their frontal hair piece without even having to visit a separate page on the official Her Imports website. Even when buying a frontal piece from a local retailer, the customer is able to add a bottle of their special frontal glue to their order and obtain everything they need for a complete weave installation, including a frontal piece and the best adhesive for installing the frontal, at one central location.

OSI works ClingHer Imports has a special type of frontal glue, which they call the OSI Works CLING EdgeSafe frontal glue. This glue has been formulated especially for the installation of frontal pieces, and should be used to fit a frontal piece after a weave has been installed completely.

This frontal glue offered by Her Imports is safe to use and, unlike some of the other glues out there, it does not irritate the skin and is often used by individuals with sensitive skin. The glue has numerous special ingredients added to its formula to make it more than just a glue, but also to add a moisture control layer. Furthermore, it is also important to note that, while being gentle on the skin, the glue is, at the same time, powerful and will last for quite a long time. Her Imports’ frontal glue is also heat and water resistant, which means the customer is able to wash their hair with the frontal piece installed and even use styling tools, such as a hairdryer, on their frontal piece without risking the glue wearing off.

Applying this frontal glue is quick, convenient and easy. One layer of the glue should be applied to the frontal and four layers to the area on the customer’s head where the frontal will be placed. Thereafter, the frontal piece can be placed, pressed upon until the glue dries and then worn with confidence.


Her Imports offers an effective, yet safe frontal glue, known as the OSI Works CLING EdgeSafe adhesive, at an affordable price. Customers can add a bottle of this adhesive to their order while they are buying a frontal. The glue is not harsh on the skin and is resistance against water and heat; thus ensuring durability, while also taking the safety of the customer’s skin into account.