What Curly Hair Bundles Does Her Imports Offer?

Each and every person has their own sense of fashion that makes them feel more confident. Some people likes to straighten their hair and make it as sleek as possible, while others rather prefers a curlier look. Curly hair is quickly becoming popular amongst the general population – especially amongst those who are wearing weaves. There are many different options available when buying a curly hair weave, which means every woman will have something that is appropriate for them, no matter how curly they want their hair to be, or what type of hairstyle they prefer.

Her Imports Curly Hair

If you are looking for a curly hair weave, then Her Imports should most definitely be a particular store you consider buying from. This company has significantly grown in popularity over the last years and has expanded to over 36 cities in the United States and they operate their own factory, where all of their weaves are made with quality and customer satisfaction in mind.

Her Imports has three different curly hair options to choose from when a customer is interested in buying curly weaves from them. Each of these options has certain characteristics that makes them perfect for a different group of women. Here is an overview of the three options that customers can choose from when they want to buy a curly weave from Her Imports:

  • Tight Curl – This is a favorite amongst many customers and offers cuticles that are extra thick. The hair is luxurious and is very easy to style.
  • Spring Curl – This is a relatively new product and has been designed to look as natural as possible. The spring curl collection is soft and has a lot of bounce and body. These weaves can easily be blown out and even straightened with a straightening iron.

spring curls

  • Kinky Curl – The kinky curl collection of weaves from Her Imports is their latest addition to their curly range. These weaves looks fluffy and they are also very soft, as well as offers a lot of volume. Similar to the spring curl collection of weaves, the kinky curl collection can also be straightened with ease and will regain their original form when they become wet. These weaves can be colored easily without causing excessive damage to the hair.

kinky curl

The prices of these weaves depend on the particular options that a person opts for when they buy them. Some of these weaves can also be purchased in premium quality, which will contain a higher quality type of hair that will last longer.

To provide a basic overview of how much a person should expect when buying curly weaves from Her Imports, here are a few examples of pricing structures based on particular selections of curly weaves:

  • A 12-inch kinky curly weave costs $121. This includes premium-grade hair.
  • A 12-inch spring curly weave costs $121. This option also includes premium-grade hair.
  • A 14-inch tight curly weave costs $120. The tight curly weaves do not come in a 12-inch option. This particular option also includes premium-grade hair.
  • The longest option in their kinky curly weave collection is a 22-inch weave, which costs $165 for premium-grade hair.
  • The longest option in their spring curly weave collection is a 22-inch weave, which costs $165 for premium-grade hair.
  • The longest option in their tight curly weave collection is a 30-inch weave, which costs $226 for premium-grade hair.


Looking to add some curls and boost your natural hair’s volume? Then a curly hair weave might be just what you are looking for. Her Imports has a large selection of curly weaves to choose from when buying such a weave from them, and can also help you add additional length to your natural hair by offering curly weaves in different length options.