Her Imports Offer Lace And Silk Closures At Affordable Price

silk base closureClosures are becoming increasingly popular amongst women who enjoy wearing weaves for numerous reasons. Some women like to wear a weave in order to help them protect their natural hair, while others like the fact that a weave offers them instant length while they wait for their natural hair to grow out. Whatever the reason, people are quickly starting to realize that by simply adding a closure to their weave installation, their hair looks more natural and they are able to hide any evidence of the weave. Closures can, however, cost quite a lot of money and it is important to choose the right closure for the particular weave you are about to install, or you may simply be wasting your money.

When buying a closure, there are many things that you should consider. One of the most important things is the base of the material that the closure should contain. There are two primary options, which includes a silk base or a lace base. The lace base is the most popular kind, mainly because these closures are much more affordable than the ones that comes with a silk base. A silk base, on the other hand, requires less maintenance to help the closure fit in with the person’s skin texture and the final product is sometimes more natural looking than a lace closure.

Her Imports Closure

her import logoHer Imports is now one of the most popular online and offline brands that manufactures weaves, as well as closures. When buying a closure from Her Imports, a customer is offered a convenient way of adding a closure that will offer a perfect blend with the weave they are buying. This is because Her Imports, unlike many other brands, does not offer a completely separate category for their closures, but rather includes their closures as an “add-on” option while the customer is buying a weave.

Buying a closure from Her Imports is very easy. A customer first needs to choose the type of hair they would like to buy from the company. This may include any of the following options, which can be found on the front page of the official Her Imports online store:

  • Kinky Straight
  • Kinky Curl
  • Spring Curl
  • Tight Curl
  • Malaysian Straight
  • Deep Wave
  • Body Wave
  • Peruvian
  • My Hair, which is the brand’s premium collection of hair
  • Bleached

After choosing the particular type of hair that a customer would like to buy, they are presented with a page that offers them several options to choose from. Here, the primary option is to select the length of the weave that the customer wishes to buy. In some cases, a customer may also be prompted to select between a range of premium or discount weaves prior to landing on the page where they can choose from the numerous options that are available for their preferred product.

On the same page, the customer is able to select from numerous “add-ons” that can be added to their order. With many of the hair products that Her Imports offers, a customer is able to add a lace or silk closure during this process. Note that lace closures from Her Imports are more affordable than their silk closures.


Her Imports offers quite a large variety of closures to choose from; thus supplying every customer with their individual needs. Customers can select the type of hair they would like to buy, and then simply add a closure that will perfectly match the weave they are buying on the same page where the weave can be purchased. The company also offers numerous bundles that includes a closure at a reduced price.