Bundle Deals From Her Imports Offer Better Value For Your Money

The price for a single bundle of weave hair has become very expensive, especially when a person opts for a 100% virgin product. Many companies now tends to charge over $100 for a single bundle, which often causes people who would like to wear a weave to opt for cheaper options, such as synthetic hair. Synthetic hair, however, wears out quickly and the hair quickly starts to shed. This means a person would have to buy new bundles of hair frequently when they opt for such an option. People who are on a tight budget do have an alternative option, which is to choose a bundled deal instead of single bundles. This can often help them save quite a lot of money and make more expensive products available to them on their particular budget.

her import logoHer Imports is most likely one of the best brands to buy from when a person is looking for a bundled deal. Most brands only tend to sell a few bundled deals on their website or in store. There are also many brands that tend to sell bundled deals that only includes their lowest quality hair. Her Imports, on the other hand, includes the standard single bundles they sell on their shop in all of their bundled deals, which means the customer gets access to high quality weaves, closures and even frontals, even when they do not buy them as single items.

Her Imports Bundle Deals

her imports bundlesWhen it comes to bundle deals, Her Imports offer the most diverse selection of bundles that customers can find on the internet. Apart from having the ability to buy these bundles on the official online store of Her Imports, customers also gain access to these affordable bundle deals when they visit any of the 35 physical retailers of Her Imports, spread throughout a total of 10 different countries. The company has a wide variety of bundles to choose from, and almost every product they sell can be obtained either as a single item or as part of a bundle.

To help customers understand just how much they can save when they opt for a bundle, let us take a look at a few examples of bundle deals from Her Imports, and compare them to the total price of the particular products included in such a bundle when purchased as single items.

  • Since the brand’s Premium Body Wave weaves are so popular, let’s start with this particular item as an example. A bundle that includes a 12-inch weave, a 14-inch weave and a lace closure costs $317. When purchased separately, a 12-inch weave would cost the customer $104.50. a 14-inch weave would cost the customer $110 and a lace closure would cost the customer anywhere between $137.50 and $148.50. This totals an amount between $352 and $363; thus saving the customer up to $46.
  • Now, let’s take a look at another example. In this example, we’ll focus on the brand’s Discount Body Wave weaves. A bundle deal that includes a 12-inch weave and a 14-inch weaves costs $100. When purchased separately, these bundles would cost $60 each, which calculates to a total of $120. Thus, buying this particular bundle saves the customer $20.


Her Imports offer their customers the choice to select between buying products as single items or as bundled deals. Their bundled deals include either two single bundled weaves or three single bundled weaves. The company also offer several bundle deals that includes a closure or frontal; thus allowing the customer to obtain all the items they need for a full head installation without having to pay a ridiculously high price.