Her Imports Offers Affordable Brazilian Hair Bundles

The origin of the hair used in a weave plays a vital part in determining how well the weave will blend in with the woman’s natural hair. When the origin of the hair does not suit that of their natural hair, it may look unnatural and make the fact that they are wearing a weave quite obvious. This is not the goal of a weave installation – in fact, installing a weave has the opposite goal in mind. There are quite a few different options to choose from when it comes to the origin of the hair for a weave, and Brazilian has been one of the most popular choices for quite a significant amount of time now.

The Benefits Of A Brazilian Weave

brazilian remy straight hair weaveLet’s start this post by discussing some of the most significant benefits that should be considered when buying a Brazilian weave. Firstly, it is important to note that Brazilian hair is easy to maintain and does not take a lot of effort. Even with minimal care, many women find that their Brazilian weaves are able to last for several months and, when the hair is high-quality, sometimes even longer than two years. To maintain these hair, a regular wash and condition are all it takes, and some heat protecting oil when a styling product is used in the hair.

Brazilian weaves are also perfect for protecting a woman’s natural hair as it offers a layer of protection. A woman can thus choose to experiment with hundreds of different hairstyles, use multiple styling products and styling tools, and not be at risk of damaging their natural hair. Another important factor to consider is the fact that installing a Brazilian weave will offer a protective layer against sun rays, which is known to cause excessive damage to natural hair.

Her Imports Brazilian Weaves

her import logoHer Imports has a wide selection of Brazilian weaves to choose from. Customers can choose to opt for discounted bundles of Brazilian hair, standard bundles or even premium ranges that are made from the top quality Brazilian hair on the market. Their prices are affordable and most people are able to find set of weave bundles that they can afford, even if they are on a tight budget.

The brand offers their Brazilian weaves in different styles and different lengths. A customer needs to start their shopping experience by opting for a particular style of hair they would like to buy. When it comes to Brazilian hair, they have the choice to select between straight, wavy and curly styles. Thereafter, the customer can opt for different lengths, which usually ranges from around 10 or 12 inches, up to around 30 inches. The longer the weave, the more it will cost. It is also important to note that, with Brazilian weaves, up to three hair bundles are usually required for a proper installation.

For customers who are unable to afford buying three bundles, Her Imports offer a financing option, known as the Her Imports Hookup Program. By utilizing this program, a customer can gain access to up to five bundles of hair without having to pay for the entire order immediately.


A Brazilian weave is the recommended choice amongst thousands of women who wear weaves. This type of weave offers low maintenance and incredible value for a woman’s money, and is able to withstand heated styling tools, as well as damage dealt by environmental toxins, such as those found in the products used to style hair. A Brazilian weave also protects the woman’s natural hair and can easily last for one to two years with proper maintenance.