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Everything You Need To Know About #2 Hair Color

Weaves are becoming more popular than ever, with celebrities like Ciara, Tyra Banks and Rihanna rocking weaves on stage. Millions of people all around the world have also taken a liking to the fact that weaves and hair extensions allow them to create any hairstyle they desire without having to own natural hair that has a lot of volume or that is exceptionally long. By simply adding some extensions, they are able to create longer and more voluminous hairstyles that increase their confidence and compliments their personalities. When it comes to choosing weaves, however, it can be rather difficult as there are simply too many possibilities to choose from.
One particular area that people have to choose from is the color of the hair they want to buy. While most popular brands have a limited selection of colors to choose from, some brands offer a wide variety of colors that can be confusing. There are several elements that a person should take into account when deciding what color to choose from, such as:

Do they want the hair extensions to match the color of their natural hair, or are they planning on covering their head in such a way that their natural hair will not be noticeable at all. If they want to opt for the second option, the colors should still closely match.
Are they willing to dye their natural hair to match the color of the weave, or willing to dye the weave to match the color of their natural hair.

Different Hair Colors

When buying a weave, it is always important to opt for a weave that is made from unprocessed human hair. These weaves are called “virgin human hair extensions”. If you find a company that sells this type of hair, then you’re in luck. Since these hair has not been previously processed with harsh chemicals, they will last the longest and they will also offer you more flexibility when it comes to styling. Choosing a hair color is not only beneficial for ensuring the hair extensions matches the color of your natural hair, but this choice can also help you determine whether the hair you are buying have been previously processed.
Certain colors, such as jet black (#1) and bleach blonde (#613) are not natural colors. If you find that the brand you are buying from is offering these colors, then it means the weaves that they are trying to sell you are not virgin as they have been dyed. Opting for a natural color is always a better choice, with off-black (#1b) and darkest brown (#2) being some of the most common colors around.

hair extensions color chart
Darkest brown is particularly a popular color amongst women who wear weaves as most women do not have a black hair color, but rather a dark brown hair color. Choosing hair extensions that have a darkest brown hair color means the hair might be unprocessed as this is a natural color. It also means that the chances are very good that the hair will fit in with your natural hair if you have naturally dark hair. When choosing hair extensions with this color, you can choose to do a full head and your natural hair will not likely be visible. You can also choose to blend the hair with your natural hair and the combination should work perfectly due to the fact that your natural hair is also most likely a dark shade of brown.



If you are looking to buy hair extensions or a full set of weaves, then it is important to choose a color that closely matches your natural hair’s color. It is also important to know that certain colors are not natural; thus if you are offered weaves with colors such as jet black, then the hair has been processed prior to manufacturing. A popular choice amongst African American women seems to be #2 hair color, which is the darkest possible brown color. This color is a preferred choice as it blends it with most African American women’s hair, but can also be used by other people with naturally dark hair.