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Do Weave Bundles Come In Different Colors?

When it comes to buying weaves, people are faced with thousands of options to choose from. They have to decide if they want Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair or Indian hair. They also need to decide on the texture and style of the hair, which might include straight hair, wavy hair or curly hair. Each of these categories is often also divided into separate parts. For example, some companies offer straight hair and kinky straight hair. Some companies only offer “wavy” hair, while other companies offer loose wave, body wave and other types of wavy hair.

Another choice that people are faced with is the color of hair they would like to buy. There are quite a lot of different colors to choose from when buying a weave. Some people prefer to pick a color that closely matches the color of their natural hair. Other people choose to browse through the different options and then color their natural hair according to the color of the weave hair they buy. There is a lot of possibilities when it comes to picking a color. Some companies even offer ombre styles, which includes more than one color that fades into one another.


Does  Cost More?

The “default” color for weaves are usually black or an off-black color. This is also the most popular color that many people choose when they buy a new weave. One reason why people usually opt for a black weave is because they are sometimes cheaper than colored weaves. Many companies and brands that manufacture weaves charge extra when a buyer decides to purchase a weave that is not black.

ombre hairFor example, Mayvenn Hair offers black weaves at a base cost. Switching from black to another color, however, adds additional charges to the order’s total. The buyer can choose between dark blonde, blonde, dark blond with dark roots (an ombre) or blonde with dark roots (also an ombre). Selecting any of these colors add an additional $14 to the order’s total (per hair piece purchased).

Some companies, however, do not charge extra for switching to a color other than black. In fact, some companies charge less for colored weaves. For example, individuals can buy a red ombre at DHgate for as little as $16.81, which is much less than a black weave would cost at Mayvenn Hair. There is one concern though – the cheaper hair often starts to shed easily and they lose their natural look after a few washes.

Colored Weave Bundles

Ombre color clip in hair extensionsSince quality colored weaves are often more expensive than simply buying the basic black weaves, people often opt for colored weave bundles instead when they are looking for weave hair that is red, blond or another color that could lead to extra charges. A weave bundle includes three or four pieces of weave hair, but the total price a person pays for the bundle is always lower than the price it would cost them for buying the pieces included in the bundle individually. For example, single pieces of colored hair could cost you $100 each, but a bundle of three or four pieces could cost you around $200 or $250.


Colored weave bundles offer a lot of value to the buyer. Once the user has decided on a color, they can choose to purchase the particular weave sets they require separately, or they can opt for a color weave bundle, which includes multiple sets of hair in one bundle. A bundle is also more affordable than buying the pieces separately, which helps the person save money while exploring a new color.