A Step-By-Step Installation Guide For Hidden Crown Hair Extensions

A Step-By-Step Installation Guide For Hidden Crown Hair Extensions

Blonde Long Wavy Hair 200x300 5702728 Millions of women use hair extensions to boost their self-esteem. It is common knowledge that a woman’s hairdo has a significant influence on her self-esteem and how she feels about herself. When a woman’s hair becomes unmanageable, fine and thin, or appears to be dwindling by the day, she may get concerned and even melancholy. This is where hair extensions come in — by just clipping in a strand of hair and blending it in with their natural hair, ladies may quickly improve the look of their hair.

Hidden Crown Hair has recently gained a lot of attention. The firm specializes in a variety of hair extensions and caters to ladies with the purpose of delivering hair extensions that can be applied in less than a minute and do not require clip-ins or adhesive. They also promise that none of their hair accessories would harm a woman’s natural tresses. We’ll go through the basics of how these hair extensions work and how to put them on yourself in this article.

Installing A Hidden Crown Hair Extension

Hidden Crown Extension 300x300 9770271 Hidden Crown Hair’s main line of hair extensions isn’t like the standard hair extensions you’ll find on the shelves of most beauty supply stores these days. The majority of hair extensions must be wefted into your own hair or attached with adhesive. There are also clip-in hair extensions, which are attached to your natural hair with clips. Instead of using these methods for applying hair extensions, Hidden Crown Hair has introduced its halo-style extensions, which use a band to maintain the extensions on your head without damaging your natural hair.

Hair extensions ordered from Hidden Crown Hair are installed in a simple three-step process. The extension must first be placed on your head. You’ll note that it comes with an almost invisible band that wraps around your head, with the open section of the band in front of your eyes.

Pull your hair over the top of your head once you’ve positioned the band on your head. Using a tail comb is a simple way to do this. To make it mix in better with your natural hair, you should comb it through. Make sure you do this in front of a mirror to make sure there are no apparent indicators of the band or the fact that you’re wearing an extension.

The style is the last step in the procedure. You may now style your hair as you like. Because all hair extensions supplied by Hidden Crown Hair are made from real, 100% REMY hair, you may use a variety of various style tools and treatments on the hair. This implies that hair styling products, as well as straightening irons, curlers, and hair dryers, can be used without inflicting significant damage.


The hair extensions given by Hidden Crown Hair have various advantages over the conventional types of hair extensions offered by other manufacturers. Hidden Crown Hair’s halo-style hair extensions are fastened to the head with an unseen band rather than being clipped or bonded to a woman’s natural hair. This reduces the chance of harming your natural hair while yet allowing you to wear the hairdo you’ve always wanted.

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