Should You Pay $81 Extra For A Silk Closure At Mayvenn Hair

Should You Pay $81 Extra For A Silk Closure At Mayvenn Hair

Closures have become very popular amongst people who install weaves to add instant length to their natural hair, to increase the amount of body they have to play with when styling their hair and to try out new hairstyles without causing damage to their natural hair. While the weave itself plays a significant role in the installation, a closure is often needed to completely hide the fact that a person is wearing a weave. The closure is placed at the top of the head and overlaps the areas where the weave hair has been installed, which then covers up the areas that might make the fact that the person is wearing a weave more noticeable.

When buying a closure at a popular and trustworthy brand like Mayvenn Hair, customers are usually presented with the option to choose between a silk-based closure and a lace-based closure. What the “silk” and the “lace” parts in these names refer to is the type of material that Mayvenn Hair, or whichever brand the person is buying from, used as the base for the closure. Both of these material types have their own set of advantages, as well as certain drawbacks.

The Difference Between A Lace Closure And Silk Closure

During your shopping experience at Mayvenn Hair, you will notice that you are given the choice to choose between a lace and silk during the customization part of their closure checkout page. It is important to know the difference between these two material types to ensure you make the right decision as to which material the base of your closure should be made of. You will notice that opting for a silk-based closure will cost you $81 more than a lace closure, so you need to be absolutely sure that this particular option is really something you need before opting for it.

Mayvenn Loose Wave Lace Closure 300x271 9765853 Lace closures are the most popular type of material that people opt for when they want to add a closure to their weave installation. The reason why a lace closure is so popular is mostly due to the fact that they are much more affordable than silk closures. As we have mentioned earlier on, at Mayvenn Hair, you will be charged an additional $81 for upgrading to a silk-based closure.


Lace closures can be used in a variety of settings and can be paired with most types of weaves, but there are some significant benefits that people should consider when they do have the option to upgrade to a silk-based closure. A silk-based closure is known to be easier and more convenient than a lace-based one, mostly due to the fact that the silk material that is used as the base for these closures match the natural skin texture of the person installing the closure better than a lace material is able to. It is also usually not necessary to color or bleach the knots where the hair strands are connected to the silk base since they are hidden away and does not look obvious.


Mayvenn Hair offers a variety of customizations options, including the ability to upgrade to a silk-based material, when buying a closure. A silk-base closure is often preferred due to its ability to match the natural texture of the skin better than lace, but the additional cost that is incurred when opting for a silk-based closure is considered too expensive by many people. In this post, we looked at the difference between a lace and silk closure, and explained when it is appropriate to opt for the more expensive option.


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