Your Guide To Natural Hair Types And Which Type You Should Buy

Your Guide To Natural Hair Types And Which Type You Should Buy

If you are looking to buy your very first weave, you have quite a difficult task ahead of you. While women who have been wearing weaves for years are experiences and have no trouble finding the perfect weave for any occasion or to create any style, new comers to the weave industry often find that choosing the perfect weave is much harder than they initially thought it would be. Buying the wrong weave will not only cost you unnecessary money, but you might end up with a low-quality weave, or a weave that does not go well with your natural hair. To help you make a better decision when shopping for your first weave, we’re going to explain the different types of natural hair  that you can opt for when buying a weave, then we’re going to explain which weave you should buy for your specific hair type.

Brazilian Hair

Brazilian hair is very popular and is perfectly suited for most African American women. This hair has a sleek texture and is generally very thick and full. Brazilian hair weaves are available in many different styles and can be worn by almost anybody. The most popular types of Brazilian hair include curly, straight, loose wave and body wave weaves. Each has a unique look and can be used to achieve a variety of hairstyles.

Peruvian Hair

Peruvian hair is also popular and offers the user versatility due to its multi-purpose texture. Weaves made of this type of hair can be worn by a large number of women, including African American women, and those with a coarse Caucasian texture. Peruvian hair is known to be one of the most luxurious natural hair types, and is usually free flowing and very lightweight. This hair generally has a combination of a relaxed and coarse texture, which makes it perfect for curls and body waves. Peruvian hair is also considered a comfortable type of weave.

Malaysian Hair

Another type of hair that you will come across when shopping for a weave is Malaysian hair. This natural hair type is usually very soft and smooth, with a silky texture. One of the best traits of Malaysian hair is the fact that virgin Malaysian hair can usually be purchased at a very low price directly from Malaysian suppliers. This natural hair type also has a natural volume. Malaysian hair can be purchased in a wide variety of color, which means it is easier to find a weave that matches your desired hair color. These weaves come in a large number of different styles, ranging from straight styles to wavy and curly looks.

Indian Hair

Indian hair offers great flexibility and versatility as it’s compatible with almost any natural hair type. This type of hair is available in curly and wavy styles. Indian hair generally has a glossy texture that is easy to style and maintain, and it has a very distinctive look. Indian hair is soft and can be worn by almost anybody because it blends in with most natural hair types without any problem. The thing most people love about Indian hair is that it instantly adds volume to the natural hair.


There are many different natural hair types to choose from when buying a weave. This is why it is often hard to find the perfect weave, especially if it’s your first time weave shopping. By learning about the different types of hair available for sale and the differences between them, you can make a better decision and ensure your first purchase is perfect, no matter how inexperienced you may be when it comes to hair weaves.

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