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Buying Hair From A Beauty Supply Store

Buying hair to add extra length and body to your natural hair can be quite expensive, with some weaves being priced at $500 and even more – for a single set of hair. A lot of people who would like to wear a weave is unable to pay these high amounts for such a product and things that they simply need to make do with their natural hair – which is sometimes frizzy, unmanageable, short and has no volume to play with. What many fail to realize is that there are more options available to them. While not all of the alternative options may be appropriate or very useful, some of these options can provide a temporary solution and help a woman achieve a certain hairstyle without having to spend her entire salary in one go. In this post, we’ll discuss the “alternative” options that are available from beauty supply stores and how you can use benefit from these options.


Best Beauty Supply Hair

What we would like to focus on in this post are the hair extensions that can be purchased from local and online beauty supply stores. The fact that these stores do not specifically specialize in hair extensions and weave hair means that they usually stock lower priced products. Now, it is important that you do not expect to buy a set of virgin, unprocessed human hair from such a company at a low price, but if you are willing to compromise a little, then a beauty supply store might be just what you are looking for.

body weave hair bundleBlack Hair Kitchen explains that people should realize that the hair that can be purchased from beauty supply stores are mostly synthetic, but this does not mean a person can achieve a good look. By opting for the shorter extensions, avoiding curly hair and by using a scissor to tailor the hair, a person can still add some length and a lot of volume to their natural hair – at a price that is much lower than they would expect to pay. These hair extensions are usually available for under $30 and will last for approximately one month. Since they are so cheap, it is often more reasonable to purchase a new set of these extensions every month than to pay hundreds of dollars for a virgin human hair weave.

Let’s consider some examples of beauty supply stores that sell hair at very low prices.

  • Golden Mart Beauty SupplyThis beauty supply stocks almost anything related to beauty, ranging from skin care products to jewelry and more. One popular area is hair extensions. The company has quite a large variety of hair products available, and prices start from as little as $5.99 for a 12-inch Cuban Twist Braid extension set. They stock synthetic hair, as well as higher quality hair extensions, including unprocessed and remy hair.
  • Sally BeautyAnother excellent example is Sally Beauty. The beauty supply store is somewhat more expensive than Golden Mart Beauty Supply, but their products are of higher quality. They have an entire section for hair extensions, including actual extensions, micro links, weaving thread and hair glue.


While buying hair from a beauty supply store might not be the most desirable option for women who wishes to wear a weave, it still offers individuals who cannot afford a set of virgin or remy hair a perfect opportunity to have longer and more voluminous hair. We’ve listed some online beauty supply stores that offers affordable hair, but these are not your only options – there is most likely a beauty supply store just around the corner from you that stocks a variety of hair extensions that you can use.