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Best Leave In Conditioner For Weave Lovers

Caring for your weave should be a top priority at all times, After all, your weave does not receive any nutrients from your body, and without adequate care, it can become dry and develop split ends. Eventually, the weave can even become unusable, which means you would have wasted hard earned money. Luckily, caring for your weave isn’t too hard – by choosing the right regimen and using suitable products, you can ensure your weave always remains silky smooth, split-end free and looking great at all times. Washing your weave and keeping it clean are always the place to start, but the second most important step in caring for your weave is leave in conditioner.

Styleblazer explains how you need to take the type of hair that your weave is made of into consideration when buying a leave-in condition (or any other moisturizing product for that matter) because using the wrong product can lead to damage or even ruin a perfect weave. Clutch Mag Online recommends applying a high-quality and appropriate leave-in condition to your weave and natural hair every time you have shampooed. They also recommend only using a very small amount of leave-in condition, and to avoid products that contain oil as this can cause matting, as well as tangles. They do, however, explain that a tiny amount of argan oil can be used if a weave becomes dry and loses its bounce after a few washes.

Best Leave In Conditioner

Winneconne, WI - 8 Nov 2015: A bottle of Paul Mitchell detangler condtionerWe went through many different leave-in conditioners that are considered safe for weaves and found the perfect product that can be used for any type of weave – whether it’s short, long, curly or straight. The leave-in condition we found to be an excellent choice for any weave lover is the Paul Mitchell “The Conditioner”. It is a product by Paul Mitchell, a recognized celebrity hair stylist, who has a large number of products in his haircare series. This specific product is not only perfect for weaves, but also for natural hair, which means you can buy one product to use on your own hair and on all your weaves.

The Benefits Of Paul Mitchell “The Conditioner”

“The Conditioner” by Paul Mitchell is a leave-in condition that contains several ingredients that are all safe for your own natural hair and for virgin hair weaves. The product has the ability to help you maintain a balance in shine and smoothness, and it is light on your hair, which means it won’t weigh your weave down or cause it to tangle. Furthermore, the product leaves a protective coat over your hair that keeps both your hair and weave safe from environmental factors.
What makes this product so special is the fact that it includes Hawaiian awapuhi, an ingredient that balances moisture in the hair without making it oily. This ingredient also revitalizes hair, and leaves it looking silky, smooth and tangle-free.

How Much Does Paul Mitchell “The Conditioner” Cost?

Many quality leave-in conditioners have expensive price tags attached to them. Paul Mitchell “The Conditioner”, however, is one of the more affordable products on the marketing. A 33.8 Ounce bottle of this leave-in conditioner will only set you back by around $16.50. A 10.14 Ounce bottle is also available for $12.43.


Searching for the perfect leave-in conditioner can be difficult. There are countless products in the market, and it takes hours of research to find one that is good and that will also work with your natural hair and your weave alike without causing any damage to the weave. Finding one product that works for all the weaves and wigs you have is also important if you don’t want to break the bank and end up with a shelf full of different leave-in conditioners. Paul Mitchell’s “The Condition” is the leave-in condition we have picked to address all these issues. It is backed by many positive reviews, and it is safe for different kinds of weaves.



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