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Weaves are very convenient, especially those that come pre-styled. You simply put them on and they maintain their original style so you don’t have to spend hours achieving the perfect look. You may need to sit in front of the mirror with your straighter and curler if you want to get a look you particularly like. When you’re in a hurry, however, your weave will be looking great and ready to go in no time, and your creativity will have to wait for another opportunity. While some hair styles may only take you five minutes to achieve, others will have you sitting in front of the mirror all morning; a luxury you don’t always have. After all, aYou wouldn’t want to be late to that important meeting. We’ve decided to share some of the top quick weave hairstyles you can try out if you are in a hurry. These hairstyles only take a couple of minutes to complete and they all look really great.

Straight To The Point

If you have a short weave, you already know just how easy it is to style your hair. You only need a quick blow wave to be ready to get going. Even short hairstyles can be complicated at times, however, and there will be times when you’re not sure what to do with your bangs or which side your hair should go. The “straight to the point” look is perfect if you’re in a hurry and have no time to worry about details. It is also a classic that looks professional especially when wearing hair extensions, and will leave you feeling confident.

Beach Waves

Even thbeach weaveough the beach waves style seem like a complicated task, it really isn’t. The truth is this look doesn’t take a to of time to create because you don’t have to focus on being precise when styling your weave; the whole idea behind beach waves is to look a little messy. This means you can turn to this style even when you have very little time to do your hair. Simply grab a curler and create some waves without worrying about them being identical. Finish the look by running your hand through and you’re off. One thing to note, however, is that beach waves work best with longer weaves.

Asymmetrical Bob

bob hairIf you have a shoulder length weave, then the asymmetrical bob is a good quick style for you. It is a quick style that doesn’t take hours to accomplish an it looks elegant and sophisticated. StyleCaster explains that all you need is a hairbrush, some heat protecting lotion and a blow-dryer. Blow your hair and use the brush to straighten out the hair until the end, then give your hair a little curl to the inside. This creates a sophisticated look that looks sleek and professional, and gives the impression of having a significant amount of effort out into it when, in fact, it takes about five to ten minutes in front of the mirror.

Wavy Accents

Another easy way to style your weave when you have no time is to use some wavy accents. This style can be easily achieved with a short weave. Wear the sides of your hair straight down, but when you get to your fringe, add some wave curls one side. This look is very versatile; it is both cool and professional, so you can wear it to various occasions, whether it’s the office or a party.


A busy schedule often leaves little time for hair styling. You may love spending hours working on your hair in the weekends or for a special occasion, but when it comes to Monday mornings, who wouldn’t appreciate that extra hour of sleep? Luckily, with the above weave hairstyles you can get the extra beauty sleep and still look your best every single day. These hairstyles are easy to master, quick to style and they will help you look amazing.