The Best AliExpress Hair Vendors of 2017

When it comes to buying weaves, some women prefer to buy hair from physical locations like their favorite trusted salon for example, while others find that there are more options available when they search the internet for extensions and weaves. There are thousands of online stores selling all kinds of hair extensions, weaves and even products that can be used to care for every kind of hair out there. Unfortunately, as with any other product that can be purchased online, some stores sell real products that offer the buyer value, but many stores will provide the buyer with fake, chemically processed hair that will only be a waste of money, time and effort.

Aliexpress is an online marketplace that has gained a well known reputation and has become very popular in the last few years. The marketplace can be used by consumers and businesses to source almost any kind of product. One of their most popular product categories is hair. The “Hair Extensions & Wigs” category on Aliexpress has over 120,000 results, and many of these products are from different stores. Some of these stores sell thousands of products every single month to customers from all over the world. Most stores are also backed by hundreds to thousands of positive reviews from users, as well as excellent feedback scores.

How Accurate Are These Reviews?

If you take a look at hair extensions, weaves and other similar products on Aliexpress, you’ll see that most of them have a 4 to 5 (out of 5) star rating. The majority of these stores also have a 96% or higher positive feedback rating. Now, search for Aliexpress reviews elsewhere on the internet, and you’ll quickly see that people are not really happy with the experience they had while buying from Aliexpress stores. For example, Site Jabber has a total of 1,981 reviews for Aliexpress. Out of the 1,981, only 259 reviewers gave the marketplace a five-star rating and only 21% said they liked Aliexpress. A total of 1,367 of the reviewers gave Aliexpress the lowest rating possible. Now, you should realize that these reviews account for the marketplace in general, but they do provide a general overview of how people feel about ordering items from this marketplace. It also seems like the majority of reviewers are unhappy with the service, value, shipping, returns and quality offered by stores on this marketplace.

Fake Reviews

One of the major problems that people face when shopping for hair at Aliexpress is the fact that many of the reviews are fake – they are there to lure in new customers. The term “fake reviews” can refer to many different ways the stores gain those five-star reviews. Some stores create fake accounts and then act like the fake account makes a purchase. After the purchase has been made from the fake account, they use that account to leave a positive review on their store. They make it look like a real review, so the customers who land on their shop think that the review is genuine, and that the “fake person” really liked the product, influencing their decision to buy the product. Many of the stores on Aliexpress also pay customers in bonus items or other incentives to leave positive reviews about their orders. On BlackHairMedia’s forum, one member reports that a store on Aliexpress once refused to give her a refund on her order if she did not change her negative review into a positive one.

“Fake” Hair From AliExpress

With thousands of reviews, you would think that these stores on Aliexpress truly deliver on their promises. As a result, the customer decides to buy the product and try it out for themselves. This is another area where issues develop when buying hair from Aliexpress. Black Hair Kitchen explains that most of the hair sold on Aliexpress is not virgin, even when the company claims that their hair is virgin. They also explain that these hair are not Malaysian, Brazilian or Indian, but rather Chinese hair that has been processed and, in some cases, steam processed.


Thousands of women have purchased a weave or hair extensions from Aliexpress stores, and was only disappointed when they received the hair via postage. These hair are often not virgin and they are usually not the type of hair that the store claims it to be. The reviews are also often faked, and asking for a refund often leads to further disappointment. We advise everybody to be cautious when buying hair from Aliexpress. Do your research prior to hitting the “buy” button and make sure the reviews are authentic.